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It just stays on that screen, but i haven't tried pressing space, I'll give that a try, thanks!

Now that it's been a couple of days since Halloween and all the games are up, what are some of your favorites?  I really enjoyed Toad-A-Licious, Halloway Ashes, and what I've played of Just Passing so far. 

There are a lot more entries I haven't had a chance to play yet so I'm also gonna mention that I think Realm of Abhorrus and Story of the Mirror look cool.

I couldn't get this one to start unfortunately, it gets stuck on the "everyone enjoy halloween night" screen.  It looks really cool though.

I really liked this!  The opening and the atmosphere especially all contribute a great deal to the game's quality despite limited visuals.  I also thought the text running out of bounds when things started to ramp up was a nice touch.

Hi guys, I just participated in another Halloween-themed game jam and the game I created would also fit the criteria of this jam, would it be a problem for me to submit that game to this jam as well?

I'm having a similar issue, this jam seems pretty relaxed so hopefully it's no big deal. 

Hey guys my game is finished but it's taking a really long time to upload, I have already submitted it and it has a game page but it probably won't be available to download until after the submission deadline.  

Does that still count or is it disqualified by then?  Is anyone else having similar issues?

Hey Vimino, thanks, though this version won't be actively updated, as the game develops there'll be more optimization with loading and stuff.  Also, is that last part supposed to be part of this comment?  Covenant shouldn't have a file in it by that name, and I noticed that you left that comment on another game actually called "You Are Ephemeral".  Did you accidentally paste that bit?

Oh wow, thanks a ton, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and I'm honored that you'd include it in a video.