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I apologize if this was already asked - but can we submit our game to another game contest if we didn't start working on it until November?  I was considering getting a late start on the Maximum Monster Month jam to submit a short demo, and then I found this jam and am interested in participating.  

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A young bookworm named Adelaide falls into the Water Goddess Fountain one day and ends up in a mountain village of nature spirits!  

Adelaide will need to learn about the food, clothing, customs, rituals, and beliefs of the mountain spirits and their little village of Dörfli!  But why is she really here?

I've sent you an email:)

I know it's probably much too late now, but here was the link to it!

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Hi!  Neeka is my sister and was asking on my behalf.  Sorry that this is so late!  I was having problems uploading mine, but didn't think I'd be able to submit it past the submission deadline.  I couldn't find a way to PM you.  I didn't realize how long it would take to upload my game, and then I uploaded it without all the files in the extract folder...  Is there still I way I can submit it somehow?  I'd have to reupload it with the other files, though.  Wasn't sure how to do this.

Okay, thanks!

Is it okay to submit our entry to other game jams here on that are running during the same period?  I'd like to submit a kind of demo for a game jam that finishes sooner (, and then continue working on the game and submit a more polished version here.  Thanks!

Alrighty, thank you!

Pastel Jam! community · Created a new topic Rules?

Are there any rules other than that it be pastel?  For example, are we allowed to work on brainstorming, rough drafts of scripts, and rough concept designs before the jam begins?  Or is all work strictly set to begin at the start time?