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phenomenal title. 69% relatable

the music change too abruptly

I think there is friendly damage and buff for enemy. Bug?

Like, my opponent claw themself to death.I think there is friendly damage and buff for enemy. Bug?

Like, my opponent claw themself to death.

Also, why can’t I combine stuff in the shop? Also no staging area.

I mean, if someone with sufficient knowledge can extract the codes, it’s not a great game.

Maybe you should use proof of work?

That is problematic.

Is it possible to write a program to list all the cards?

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This game works surprisingly well on small screens (mobile phone).


  • screen not rotate automatically to landscape
  • Tooltip show up after touch-up. this means I can’t see an item’s description without using it in combat, or go to a place on map
  • right click (touch with two fingers) buggy but usable
  • prompts covering UI; you need to re-layout UI

If you fix all this, you can put this game on Android

Hello, can you repackage this game with Godot 3.4? It fixed some problem for Linux.

Can you publish the source code or package the game as AppImage for Linux? I can't play it.

Also, there's libp2p from IPFS, which enables match making without central server.

Nice game!

1. We can't tip you, probably because you don't have payment method set up

2. The enviromental objects are usually useless - I can't get them in between me and enemy

3. Please make sight in corridors larger - oftentimes I get sniped when I enter a room if I move too quickly

I downloaded the windows version and ran it with Wine. It works.

Also, for anti-virus false positive, you can use a tool to obfuscate the binary on Windows. Here's an introduction:

It's probably bug in the game engine you use, because it won't start if I use mirrored display (second monitor).

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Collision Event time(microsecs)=16
unknown Chunk FEDS:1396983110
Failed to load the game
Attempting to set gamepadcount to 0
Not shutting down steam as it is not initialised
Script_Free called
Thread 1 "_1dc" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

This is Japanese or Chinese.

1-DC community · Created a new topic How do you do Task 5
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Extract rightmost digit

It says Par 3, but it's impossible.

Playing Demo on Linux

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You probably mean 文 here.