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Extremely interesting, but frustrating in implementation.

I understand not wanting to overwhelm the player with information, but it feels like I'm missing puzzle solutions because I don't know the rules of the game more often than just not having the right ideas.

I also hae quite a lot of trouble trying to balance thinking of what the AI will actually do in response to my layouts with trying to remember what they're supposed to do, in the youtube video that I learned about this game from there was an arrow on the floor showing the intended path which seems to be absent from this build? Seems like it would be extremely useful for not getting headaches. 

As the game is, I often feel like I'm brute forcing the puzzles as much as I'm reasoning out solutions and it's not very satisfying, though I suppose that's a pretty accurate feeling when trying to design levels for players.

Got the "misgendered" ending even though every person used she/her or didn't assume pronouns.

The other ending I could get, passing, still ends by saying you probably just got lucky, and to be fair the only thing deciding which ending you get is pure luck in who you talk to.

Kinda hopeless tone and tbh I'd kill for people to see me as a trans woman and not a man :/

Tempted to ask about an ETA on the steam release but I won't!

What challenges have you found in porting Bossgame from a touchscreen to a button interface?

Okay this is my favorite game of this year, and probably the two years on either side of this one