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OK; a lot more of this was put together through trial-and-error than I'd like to admit, but the game is now fully capable of handling what the design document necessitates for it!

Up next, I'll be refining incrementation mechanics -- hiring, upgrading, stat-tracking, and so on! I doubt I'll have it as polished as I'd like by the deadline, but it'll certainly be fully playable at that point.

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Thanks for the kind words! The offer is tempting, but this is a learning exercise first and foremost; I've committed to doing everything here myself in preparation for future projects I'll also be doing solo. (I'm a total novice when it comes to music composition/sound design, so I feel confident saying the game probably won't sound as good as I'm hoping it'll look.)

Hey there! New to gamedev; when I heard this jam existed I immediately had an idea and began obsessively working on the design document and developing graphics for it. (The plan is to make this a fully-featured dialogue-focused clicking adventure that interprets an archetypal premise in a slightly different way.)

Below is a mockup, with a couple of graphics that'll be different in the final version! Current progress on the game itself: basic clicking and auto-incrementing mechanics are fully implemented; menus and dialogue are up next.

Tools: GameMaker Studio (original version), Clip Studio Paint EX, Wacom Intuos 5 tablet, LMMS.

An interesting premise, well-written and emotionally moving. Excellent work!