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Well cause the image didn't seem to load, err, here

Thank you for playing through, another person falls victim to the third puzzle haha. Sorry for the devlog-update thing, I can't actually update the game file until the judging period is over unfortunately. Hope you enjoyed what you did play, though! I'll definitely be working on honing that type of third puzzle to be generally less frustrating or at least easier to work with.

Haha my friend already made this joke, you're not the only one. Thanks for the compliment ^-^

Yeah haha. You could theoretically use the pounds to calculate the answer but it overcomplicates the puzzle.

Yeah, I realized this last night and corrected it-posted the fixed version of the puzzle in a devlog since I can't update the files until the jam is over

Oh haha is a bar of silver 70? When designing this I decided to make the weight of the objects randomly just because it would end up being a puzzle you could just google if you had the answers to each weight. I'll let you in on a little secret-the 21 is representative of the weight of the silver in a measurement of weight different to lbs-something you can find out as you do the puzzle. That 'ignore irrelevant information' line coming into play again haha. Thank you for playing and commenting!

Thanks :>

Thanks! rpg maker dating game done by me and some friends, hope it gets some laughs out of you :)

This was my first jam and I did it with a bunch of friends, had a lot of fun with them conceptualizing the game, can be found here:

Haha, thanks!

Thank you for rating it regardless!

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