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Thank you so much for the kind words! If you are using the generator for your project, I would love to see how it turns out (the generator is free to use btw).

Currently I stopped maintaining this generator, but I can look into it, if there are any bugs/other problems.

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finally I won...

You need to activate them by using the lever which you will get after the trap is created.

If you didn't get the lever, then you created only holes for the future spikes

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This game successfully combines puzzle and action together. Also feels very polished. Great job!

Also, I made a similar game about 2 years ago, you can check it out if you want (

Woah, it's a creative idea that's also interesting to play.

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Funny idea! 9 is my record =|

Thank you for detailed usability issues! I think I will add a real tutorial once the jam is finished. Unfortunately didn't have time for it during the 48 hours I had =(

This is a good platformer! I think it would be even better if camera's light would be bigger (currently camera's view reaches farther than its green light)

Thank you! There should be a winning text after you killed all the waves of enemies (in any level except tutorial). There might be a bug when you double kill the last enemies of the round, the game doesn't count it as a win or round completion.

Checked your game as well :)

This is a great take on the theme! I like the concept very much, and the art is cohesive. I think it would be even better if there were other types of enemies, for insta-kill enemies two torches are sufficient. 

Nevertheless, I liked the experience

Thank you for your feedback!

Yes, there is this bug in every level. Basically if you got hit when you're dead, the game will throw an error making you unable to quit or restart. I hope it doesn't greatly affect the game-feel though. 

Thank you!

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happened after text `the last person...` in a Win64 Post-LD version:

Error main.lua:752: attempt to concatenate global 'returnName' (a nil value) Traceback main.lua:752: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'


Greatly designed game! I play it once in a while

Movement is a bit clunky, but it is a good entry for your first jam!

Thank you! Yea, I should've added a check that there are comparison operators.

Great! I think resize button is unnecessary, since Unity provides one already

Thank you for the idea of making equal rows and columns ! I really haven't thought into interaction between them expect for the common linking die.

Yes, boolean operators are definitely a good expansion, but I tried to keep it more accessible (it already has Latin/Roman numbers, which not everyone is fluent with:) ).

Design is very satisfying. Sounds and visuals are on point!

One thing I noticed, is that due to the die cube nature, there is a higher chance to get one of the four sides rather than left and right one.

Really enjoyed playing it, thank you for the experience (the best game yet, it would have more views and ratings if it had a web version, I think). Hole 5 was hard)

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! Btw, I have two ideas to improve the concept:

  1. Add vertical expressions (since the dice can be rotated, vertical expressions will have reversed operators and numbers, if 'V' is '5' horizontally, it is '<' vertically) that cross horizontal ones
  2. Add modulo operator. III when rotated creates it. And below modulo another expression line appears to write what divisor is used

It has an old-school vibe, but its a bit hard to see green text on green screen :) Also would be great to scroll terminal up to see previous messages - they are important.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any dice :^(

Very fun game!


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Amazing game! Very well made! It is hard yet not frustrating at the same time, that's not an easy thing to achieve.
Here is a video of me winning a gold cup at the mountain track: 

Thank you, I appreciate your attention!

For some reason Godot HTML5 export does this strange thing if you switch tab in browser or click fullscreen button in the bottom right corner, then input is not received.

The only way to fix the issue which I found is:

  1. Reload page
  2. Do not switch browser tabs
  3. Click Run Game, wait for the game to load
  4. Do not press fullscreen button
  5. Now input should work properly

Thank you! I explained the idea a bit in the reply to Federico Calchera's comment

hope it'll be more clear in the next round! Idea is that inner sectors are for defence, outer sectors are where enemy ships spawn and shoot at your core (planet). Ships can be destroyed by placing red figures in the outer circle.

I like the sounds. Could you please make it so that piano keys can be pressed from the keyboard, too? That would be very much appreciated!

Very cool! It would be even better, if there was an option of tweaking color opacity: sometimes clouds are not needed.

Amazing! Drawings are so stylish!

Woah! Looks very useful. For some reason it is impossible to hide parts menu when shown

Can I use it in my project?

Thanks! I surely will expand this game, maybe at the start of 2022

It's amazing! Any chance that you will support .ply format? So it is possible to optimize marching cubes export in MagicaVoxel?

Thanks for the feedback! Losing hp happens due to incorrect number of loaded carts that are connected to the head wagon. Every coming train should be departed with requested amount of loaded carts, head wagon excluded.

Thank you, i didn't have much time, so the tutorial feels a bit shallow for me as well.

Thank you, glad you liked the art and an idea :)

Second game that reminds me of Teeworlds. Liked the game!

For some reason reminds me of Teeworlds. There were maps were you had to use grappling hook and this game sorta represents the physics of that mechanic. E.g. you can accend up by jumping on your twin.

Anyway, great physics, gave me nostalgia.