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I like how I can get into situations where the stars can be coming from almost every direction, including below me. That forced me to prioritize what stars to destroy first and that was really enjoyable. Good job!


Thank you! I'll check you out

very nice

I love how intense this game is! Zombies are basically flying towards me which requires me to always be on the move. The rate of fire, however, doesn't match the speed of the game. The gun fires too slow and I find it impossible to keep up with all the zombies dashing at me. Another issue I found was when I was at the edge of the screen. If I was at the edge of the screen and a zombie spawned, I would instantly lose a heart because I couldn't react fast enough.

Both of these issues could be fixed with a bigger playing field and a larger camera view. This would give the player more breathing room to dodge zombies without getting too close to the edges of the screen.

Do you fence? I noticed the A.I. plays with distance and timing, this is the challenge I've been looking for!

I don't understand all of these disclaimers you have. You should be proud of this! I honestly have a hard time believing this is your first game and you made it in three weeks. In defiance of your real note, I'm going to say that this is a horrible game. There is hardly any decision making when a challenge is presented. I think this game would be more interesting if you could change the orbs that the player could use (like different elements) or how they orbit around the player. Then design a variety of enemies that require the player to think about what orbs they need to use to defeat them. This is one of many suggestions

With that said, I enjoyed playing your game. I was able to relate to your experience of jamming to create a game in three weeks while trying to learn new things. Making games is a huge task so be proud of what you accomplish. For your next project, try to make the player have to think about what they are doing. I also recommend trying to develop 2D games since your computer can't handle 3D.

This is a pretty cool game jam submission. I'd like to participate in Global Game Jam one day. I thought I would share my thoughts on this game.

Your movement is very clunky. This is mainly because you are using the Unity FPS controller. That thing is terrible. There are other better free FPS controllers, but they are a little hard to find.

I would agree with other comments that are saying the jetpack feels weird. For me, it was difficult to determine how far I could reach with my jetpack. I think it would be nicer if the jump pack acted sorted of as a powerful booster. Something similar to the shadow stormtroopers from SWBF2. The weirdness also has to do with the level design. I keep wanting to jump to nearby building but I'd get stuck because I couldn't reach to where I wanted to  go.

There is not really any direction in the level design and art. The city is very  cool but confusing. Places I can't go blend in too well with the areas that I can reach. I think it would of been best to follow a similar level design to Mirror's Edge where color defines the direction.

I love the scale of the environment in this game. I felt like I could explore the whole city and I think that would of been fun if you expanded on the jetpack.

That's awesome that you completed this game in less than a month! I do have a few things to say about this game and understand that this is unpolished. 

Picking up objects is a hassle. I keep having to click more than once to grab something. Either the system is not receiving the input I give it or collision box is too small. 

It's also interesting how sound can affect a gameplay mechanic. In this case, I didn't like the sound that is played when I pick up an item. It's a cool sound but it made picking up things feel mechanical and boring. 

The visuals are really cool! I see a very clean and persistant style which is a big plus. 

I hope to see you create more games in under a month, I'll be following your journey!

Watching the .gifs you included in this page, I couldn't help myself wonder how well you were playing this game. I kept getting stuck on the corners of the first level and the camera keep dynamically rotating which made me feel confused. I also found it very difficult to see my own car since it blended in with the hectic environment. I see that this game is being developed for 7DRL, so if you have time, I would build a level designed to get players familiar with the movement and some of the challenges. Driving the car for the first time while trying to avoid obstacles I'm not familiar with was very daunting.

I would agree with Fransouski's comment about the level design. I found that there is usually only one way to traverse through a level and if I missed any step, I would have to start over. There was no adapting to failure, you just had to start over. Other than that, I thought you did an excellent job at introducing the game mechanics and challenges, especially when you introduced the cannons. I can imagine that designing a game where you can only jump can be challenging, but honestly, I thought you did a good job with this game. Most jumping games have only direction, up, however you broke that boundary by challenging the player to go in four different directions.

This is great introduction to 3D graphics and people playing this will learn about the magic behind games. The visuals are super dreamy and mysterious; it maked me want to explore. I think the only thing this project lacks is a sense of direction. For instance, the osculation part was confusing because I wasn't sure if I was suppose to keep jumping off the ballon things nor did I understand why I should jump. Sometimes, however, this lack of direction added a puzzle element that I liked. For instance, chapter 6 used this well when you had to click to activate different actions. I'm excited to see how this project will turn out in the future. 

Good job on your first UE4 Project. The level was very basic but you had some instances of backtracking that added some variety. I think if the movement and shooting was more  fluid, this game would be very fun to play.

You're right about the tutorial, it definitely needs to be improved. The pictures are small so it's hard to see what you're suppose to do and there should be some words to go along. If we were to redo the tutorial, it would be a proper tutorial level!

Yea it is a little similar haha. Early on, we were imagining a more expansive dungeon and instead of falling all the way down, you just fall couple floors below.  

I'm glad you enjoyed our game! I also agree about the shop. I think game should pause while you're in the menu. It was just something we didn't get to.

Nice game, I see you watched HeartBeast's video(that's how I started out too!). You seem to know how to draw and use colors very well. With pixel art, I would suggest trying to work with a smaller canvas like 32x32 pixels. This will make your sprites more pixelated and less detailed which will look much better.

I love the flying in this game!