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You're right about the tutorial, it definitely needs to be improved. The pictures are small so it's hard to see what you're suppose to do and there should be some words to go along. If we were to redo the tutorial, it would be a proper tutorial level!

Yea it is a little similar haha. Early on, we were imagining a more expansive dungeon and instead of falling all the way down, you just fall couple floors below.  

I'm glad you enjoyed our game! I also agree about the shop. I think game should pause while you're in the menu. It was just something we didn't get to.

Nice game, I see you watched HeartBeast's video(that's how I started out too!). You seem to know how to draw and use colors very well. With pixel art, I would suggest trying to work with a smaller canvas like 32x32 pixels. This will make your sprites more pixelated and less detailed which will look much better.

I love the flying in this game!