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I think i may have found a glitch? I dropped the bird on the screen with the secret keepers, i accidentally went to the door and the arrow to go back disappeared. but reappears when you go in the door and back out.  

I finished the Demo! Great Game!

Thanks For Following Me! I've tried this game and its awesome! You deserve more recognition as a developer!

Thanks for following me! Ill try your game

You are a purple cube. You go forward. You dodge the blocks. Pretty simple.

Made with a tutorial by Brackeys and added to.

Try it and give some feedback! 


Yeah its just part of the trailer, it isnt text based, there isnt sound because im bad at sound :/. This is the first trailer ive ever made so its not that great. Also its more of a teaser that a trailer, but thanks for the feedback!

I would love it if you could look at the trailer and give feedback.

Ok, Yeah Forgot About School, So I Wouldnt Have Much Time either, Hope To Paticipate In The future

Hey, Are You Doing Anymore Game Jams? , I Would Really Like To Participate In Another.

Actually, I will submit what I have so far, but it wont fit with the theme unless I do some speedy python.

Possibly... But I really want to get this game completed, so probably not next week, but possibly the week after.

I dont think i will be submitting to the jam, I havnt done much work on my game. So if i do submit it, it wont fit the theme because i havnt finished it.

That was very difficult. Week 13 I am not doing a level game, so I don't have to code every individual level. Because My game This Week Was Supposed To have 4 levels and two different endings. It has 1 level, and 0 endings.

I tried to play but it just came up with you lose -1, then you lose -2, then you win -8?

Am i supposed to do something?

Its  just a black screen


My game for the jam wont be completed before the end. I will have to submit an unfinished version of the game.

Try my new game made with pygame, and maybe try my other games. 

In the game, You must jump over the ploobs. You have three lives. You can play 1 or 2 player.

Link To Ploobs Jump

Thank you for your comment, i will look into the kitchen bug. I will consider the area option. But i cant add a save feature. Im not sure how i would do it. 

I have updated HOUSE to Version 1.0.1 with some bug fixes.

Try ou tthe Text-Based python game HOUSE! - page for HOUSE

This is my first python game, and I would like people to try it! It is a text-based game where you must escape the HOUSE. Link to HOUSE download. It will be a great help to me if you could try it!