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A nice idea, but that kinda removes the stategy element, as you are just told what is the best move to make


Thanks! It was one of our intentions for it to have to be played multiple times before understanding , it is a strategy game after all!

Thanks so much! There is a green indicator on each space when you drag out  a tile. Maybe there is a bug where they don't appear, please let me know if there is

Strategy games aren't for everyone, thanks tho!

Thanks so much! Maybe i'll tone down the motion blur next time XD

Thank uwu



The art looks nice, and the music fits very well! I feel like the game lost some enjoyment because there were not really any clear instructions, and the ones on the itch page don't really help too well. I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to eat, so I always end up just starving to death. I think with some clearer instructions this would have been much better, but other than that good job!

Thanks! I will try out your game!


Thanks! (It was done with me spending the fist day programming for 18 hours straight XD)

It was made in 72 hours

Thanks so much! I will definitely try to spend some more time on balancing the sound levels next time


thanks so much!

Thanks! It is definitely more fun to play with another person, but it is also intended to be played single player and get the highest score you can!



A small update has been published that fixes performance!

Thanks so much for the amazing feedback! The reason slimes start spawning very quickly is so the games don't last too long (I should probably higher the spawn rate cap). And the enemy slimes don't drop too much for balancing reasons. I really appreciated the cool ideas you have!

Finally got to play without lag because i'm on my pc! Not really sure what to do, and the camera keeps getting flung around :/. So as a lot of others have already said, unfortunately unplayable :( 

Finally got onto my pc so I can play without lag! It's a fun game, and it's cool that you added random generation. The problem with the "if you stop moving you die" games, is that in order to not die, you can just move in a circle until you decide what to do. It makes it feel like an irrelevant game mechanic. But an overall good job!

Thanks!  That's a great idea!

Pretty cool game! Not linked to the theme too well in my opinion, but it's really fun

My laptop screen in 1080x1920 so idk

Cool concept and good art. The player's movement is really floaty and feels quite unnatural. I also got a null reference exeption error when i started the level ;/ 

Nice game, good idea. Missing some sounds and music, and the game windows is WAY too big, i can't see most of whats going on.

Cool idea! Small problem... I die when i hit a wall??? is that intentional?


Really fun, and love that you die if you have self-awareness XD. The art is great, and the music is good. Good job

Really fun, really cool story, and great gameplay mechanic Fits the them perfectly!

Cool gameplay, and a nice art style! Maybe add some music in the background

Interaction with food doesn't work :/. The mouse sensitivity was way too low for my liking. The movement controls you have in a really good and the concept is great! 

Main thing I wanna say is that the sounds are horrible. They make my ears hurt. The game doesn't clearly tell you what you are supposed to do, so I find myself just aimlessly running around. The player's jump feels extremely unnatural because it is so high. That kind of jump would fit some games, but definitely not this one. Hope this helps :3

Thanks! Yeah it's kinda unfortunate that it's laggy. I'm definitely gonna improve the performance after the jam, just don't have any time at the moment


Cool game, fun to swing with the grappling hook. And I love the voice annoying you XD