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One of my personal favorites so far! I like the pixelart very much and the idea about the game in general :-) You should probably think about continuing this project :-)

Wow this game is amazing! It does feel very polished and well thought through! Nice :-)

At the current state you can actually "win" the game by just messing up every item :D
Unfortunately I didn't have enough time for the effects so that basically helium is the only way to destory items. Thank  you for playing :-)

I can take the words of the other testers :-) Very atmospheric and visually appealing! Could have been more tasks. But should I say, my game is even less! xD

Good job!

Very nice game I must say! I haven't really managed to die "often" because it was very hard to NOT collect hearts afterall :-D

Took me some time to figure out what you meant in the description. It gave me a good laugh in the end, nice game! :D

Very nice game, enjoyed playing it!

Pretty nice concept! I'd love to see a "fullscreen" version of that game, it has potential. Couldn't figure out how close it was to the topic actually :-D

Thank you for playing! I hope I will find some time after the jam for integrating the ideas I had for the game in the first place :D

hi there! Have you tried the "tab" key? I will provide a desktop version later the day :-)

Don't expect too much, I was LOW in time this jam lol

That was actually the riddle I didn't like myself since players often expected to solve it outside of the game :D

Does this also happen in the web playable version?

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You can actually find the exact value on the map :D

But generally you're right. I could have come up with a better way of solving the puzzle. Like having an accustic feedback of how the value was wrong or some sort of chart display.

you are welcome!

there's also a save file in the menu on the upper left corner 😅

you'll have to look which file matches the given key mentioned on the virtual error screen :-)

you will find the necessary value on the map itself (hope that helps :-) )

Thank you very much! :-) If you want to, you can let me know what you didn't like about the controls. I'm collecting some parts I might change in the future, so maybe I can work on that too!

did it work for you? :-)

hi there! Did you select "save" in the virual file editor? :-)

hi :-) Have you also tried the HTML5 version? It's generally speaking more up to date and should preferably tested :-)

Hi there! Thank you very much for playing and commenting my game :-) I will do some updates on it in the future!

Very cute game :-)

Wow! That is fascinating! :-O
Nice artwork and really cool how you made the space look so good at this resolution.

PS: You definitely should also earn a price for your game itch io page :-D

Thank you very much for your feedback :-) The music for me was the hardest part, so in the end it still kinda sucked, so I'm totally on your side with that chaotic sound of the game :-D

Very nice idea! My first idea also was to make some kind of rythmic game :-D Next time we could definitely team up on that :-)

Sometimes the input was not recognized by the game and there have been some situations where I could not dodge at all :-O The music was great though!

Hi Avis!

Thank you for your feedback :-) Going to check out yours aswell of course!

Amazing, this was your first game with Godot, right?! :-O This is a really nice game with some funny changes to the original snake game. At some level I got stuck by accident, where the "food" spawned in a corner of an arrow which I could not reach xD

I'm a bit sad, that there is not a rating for creativity, you definitely would got the best score for that! Really nice how you've handled the overall idea of making a nokia3310 game!

Wow, that was an awesome experience! You even had time to add those cute character sprites and conversations. You have my respect for this game!

wow, this is one of the funniest games I've seen so far! Very nice music and cool pixel arts! :-)

Lol, you managed to pull off a small "rpg" with story elements that is really impressive! Not sure how to win this game, but had some fun exploring the maps and talk to the people around the world :-) 

The godot shader is quite similar to the GLSL feature set. So I've been using shaders for some years now, you can learn it when doing plenty of glsl tutorials out there :-)

for the desired result you will always have to use viewports to ensure the correct resolution while having precise pixels :-)

For the colors I chose also using a shader since its fast and easy enough to map two colors :-D

I also updated the repository which now also supports a simple sound setup for mono channels.

When using



the manager will automatically handle the music stream (mute its audio bus) while the sfx is being played.

HI you're welcome! :-) Really love to see some good quality games! And that way people can concentrate on making good games!

Hi id0 :-) Thanks for playing my game!
There'll be an update for the game during the next couple of weeks! I will also fix the bug with the first puzzle for the web build.

It will probably also change some of the puzzles and add new ones. :-D

Ah now I had another look at what you meant. Sorry did not read your post correctly. The font is assigned via the node UI inside the Game.tscn scene. Whenever you set a theme for a control, it will automatically be applied for all children, except when a child does have a Theme assigned by its own, then it will inherit that theme to its children aswell :-)

oh I will fix the project in the next our :-)

But basically it should work when you click on the most parent control more inside the Game.tscn then under Theme > Custom Font > add a new Dynamic Font. 

In the Dynamic Font you can select any ttf file as font file. I did use a font by accident which was free to use, but I wasn't allowed to redistribute.

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I've been working on a small starter project for the Godot Engine, for anyone who wants to use Godot for the Jam :-)
When you're considering exporting to HTML5, you should always stick to power of 2 textures since textures with different sizes might get blurry in the WEB build.

Feel free using it!