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Thanks for the response, I will defiantly buy the game once it is one sale again 🙂 

And thanks for the understanding.

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Hey there,

I have a small question, I am not really into magic nudity horror and demons and all and I am always on the lookout for RPG maker games without it.

Is this game contain any of it? 

I finished the game an with all honesty I liked it,
and even recommend it to everybody who reads this.

It was short yet fun, and a great storyline, and custom art. 

But I do wish, that you could enter more buildings, but that's just me personally. 

Maybe an suggestion to put the download link on the page :)

Let me first say great game and story,
it's new an unique. And finally an action RPG maker game without magic or demons.

However, I do wanna give a little feedback if it comes to music.
In the first talk scene, there is no music, please put music there,
because it can really make it more exciting. 

Second, if you going to have more sexual content, please put this in
the distribution so you can warn younger players.

Other then that great Game!

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I have to be honest I love this Christian game, great storyline, but one small glitch in the demo, that I could find. When the grandpa is already gone and you go to his bed a click enter, it still says that he is asleep.

Other than that, great Job!

Hey there,

Your games look great, seeing it on pictures,
But it won't start so can't really give you an opinion. 

I think the problem is, that you did not place the actor. :)