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1) Who's your favorite character so far and why?

I love Kou! It was hard to choose between the two but I loved his design and personality. At first, I thought he would be a bit intimidating and mean but the “which animal would you be” question made me think of him differently.

2) How's the pacing and writing? (We're looking for proofreaders for the final script too!)

The pacing is great! And the writing is good too, I like how the MC’s personality changes with each character.

3) What aspects of the game do you like?

The character design is my favourite part of it. I love how Kou has scars, I think that’s a really interesting part of the character and makes the player think about why he has those. Daisuke was just cute all around! His tooth gap really added to him.

4)  How is the UI?  What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?

I love how easy I could understand what’s what. But sometimes I found myself wanting to go back and read something because I didn’t understand it correctly and I didn’t know how. Overall I had no problems!

5)  How is the hook for the story? Did it make you play until the end? If it didn’t, what made you stop?

It was very interesting. I played through the end and enjoyed interviewing both of the characters to hear their reasoning for applying. 

6) How is the music for the demo so far? Does it match the vibe of the game? Is it distracting?

The music blends nicely with the whole office vibe, I didn’t get to listen to the whole soundtrack because I usually play games without audio, but so far so good.

7) What other improvements can we make to enhance your experience?

I think having a “go back” option would be nice, I find myself reading things, clicking to the next screen, and realizing I didn’t understand anything. I can’t wait for the full game!


This was so cute!! I got cazleoeleza and I-