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Thank you... Everything works when I pull up the index.html from my desk top, but I will definitely try changing the the file path to this way and upload again and see what happens. 

I'm a newbie... Just putting that out there. And I have to upload my Twine game (Twine 2/Sugarcube 2) here for class and to link on my website. I'm doing exactly what my instructor says:

First, please review Mike Pynn’s video ( for step-by-step instructions on how to upload your
game to Then, If you are still stuck, follow these steps for uploading your Twine 2 file.
1. Ensure your scripting for in-game assets is working.
2. Publish your most up-to-date game and rename it index.html. It cannot be called
anything else.
3. Select both the index.html file and your assets folder(s) and compress/zip them.
4. Call the compressed zip file something simple with no special characters or spaces
5. Log in to your account and go to your Dashboard.
6. Create a New Project. 

However, I only see text. No music, no images. Would someone mind helping me get this done correctly so that I can finish this assignment and not have to result to text only?