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Thanks zuil for this update. I didn't download it yet because I was on a plane. Have a break it seems like a lot of work

i agree

i dont want to stress you but i want to go to Pi in the winter holidays.

no pressure but when will you update this game?

Ian, Pi and Oken

what about Ian the tanuki

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i like your work zuil(sorry if i wrote your name wrong) i wanted to see a sequal to soft fantasies and i wanted you to make the Pi path when you choose at the end keep up the good work. i like how you made this game in like 8 years in the future from soft fantasies. i saw coops.

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i really want to see this game in 1.0.0... i finished one path i wanted to stay with Pi but it says it not in the game yet. give more staying with characters and make it so that you return back to collage.(just an idea)