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Living In Code

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OVERALL - Reptilian Asteroid (

DESIGN - Little Wave (
CREATIVITY - Reptilian Asteroid (
MUSIC / SOUNDS - Little Wave (
STORY - Manic Miner (
GAMEPLAY - Little Wave (
CONTROLS - Bouncy Bullets (

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the jam!


File updates have been unlocked at the request of some people, you are free to update your game as you like.


If you put graphics on LOW it disables shake from what I remember, can't check rn. Sorry if it made you feel dizzy!


Fun for a while, but it gets a little static.

Good Job :)

- Living In Code

Somehow it kills me that every word is capitalized, but good feedback :)

Hello everyone! Here are a list of common questions:

Does everyone in your team need to join?

No, only one person needs to but you need to credit all of them.

Where can I see my score when rating time has started?

You can't see your score until the jam has ended.

Can I update my game after the jam?

Yes! After the jam you are free to update it as much as you want.

Can I change the page of my game?

Yes, you can! Only new game updates are disabled.

Thank you everyone for the support! This game will most likely be updated and given more content. I also am working on a MAKING OF video, you should see it soon!

Thanks for playing my game! I plan on expanding the idea and yeah the character jump feels a little floaty. Thank you!

Cool concept, didn't get to listen to the music but it's a really cool idea! Reminds me of Portal in a way :)

(1 edit)

Another thing, you get 1 month to make the game, not 1 week

EDIT (You still have 20 days)

I'm going to say it, I like the game! The mechanics are cool but main problems with the game:

  • The Main Menu 1/7 chance is stupid
  • The UI looks really bad (putting it bluntly)

Can't play, main menu does not work

Yep, but feel free to take it in any way you want!

Hello everyone! I've been looking through your posts and I gotta say, you guys are excited! Anyways, I am posting this to announce the theme so cutting any rants, the theme is:


Anomaly, I can think of a few things to do with this theme, but feel free to take this any way you want.

I am sure you guys will come up with great ideas, and I wish you all good luck!

-Living in Code

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm gonna lock this post as soon as the jam starts, then I will announce the theme. Good luck all!

-Living in Code

Can't give any hints, but it will be revealed soon

-Living in Code

You are free to use scratch! This jam is all about beginners. So yep, feel free to use scratch!

-Living in Code

You can use tutorials, its not necessary to link them but go ahead!

-Living in Code

So, create a weapon system where as you get a higher score you could for example get a sniper, the camera zooms out but it has low fire rate, then maybe a pistol, short range and damage but allows you to move fast

I like all the ideas but the first one feels like it will make the game too hard, a gun system would be cool as you level up but aim by mouse kinda deletes the specialty of the game. I think a bunch better idea is allow us to change the sensitivity of the arrow key rotation. 

Found another bug, if you run straight into a group of enemies then back off there is a chance they will become stuck

Figured it out, your map is too big and enemies can't move to me for like 10 minutes

Game gets bugged after wave 14, no more enemies spawn

Itch features jams that were made by people who are popular in some community

The Fresh Game Jam community · Created a new topic Welcome!

Hello everybody and welcome to The Fresh Game Jam Ultimate! This is a jam for people all over in skills or locations. If that sounds like something you like, please join! The theme will be announced soon.

-Living In Code

Game felt like it was made by an artist, no feedback for health, bad physics and movement but good art.

Cool game, but warzone wasnt in the game enough.

ABSOLUTELY GREAT GAME, Good concept, wonderful pixel art

The game's concept is there, but the execution was not. The game sounded like a prototype and it had no difficulty progression and started out really heard

Week 1 was my first jam in a long time. First timers, what did you think and how was your experience?