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Ahh okay and thank you! ^w^9


I wanted to ask until where nudity is allowed? I have already met some corners where a topless man was already rated as NSFW and some blood pools on the floor also already as NSFW and for a scene I wanted to show my protagonist (male) topless and here and there minimal blood in the environment.

I wanted to ask how this is here at the Jam? Would this still be perfectly fine or already a bit too far for SFW?

Thank you and have fun you all! :D

Ich bin so begeistert von der Demo! <3 
Die Atmosphäre ist wirklich melancholisch und düster, vor allem gefällt mir die Soundkulisse dabei!
Ich bin so gespannt auf die Vollversion dann am Ende und werde es auch auf jeden Fall LPn! ^w^9
Tatsächlich fällt mir nichts ein was man, aus meiner Sicht, bemängeln könnte, außer, dass ich gern weitergespielt hätte. x'D

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Thank you! >w< 
And I enjoyed it so much! <3 

It is one of the loveliest games I ever played! <3 For me it wasn´t really horror but when you play it the first time and encounters a shadow the first time it´s absolutly unexpectable and that made a very cool effect! Also to put yourself in Ryos shoes makes it way darker. There wasn´t very much gameplay of course and I think some little roleplay-ish details would have been awesome but
it is just beautiful!

And of course I had to stay with Hunter! <3 

Please keep up this awesome work!

I´m on it
And thank you so much again >w<

I think somewhere is an "ä" or something, yes
if you mean that except for that I think there're just "-" oder "_"

I´ll just upload it as download file 

I think that´s the best option

What is that error? OAO

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Tried now with the "Only used files"-option.

I didn´t make that before because I had some problems with it but maybe it works this time!
(upload is on the run now at least xD)

But I can manage that quickly

Think we found the problem ^^'

Good question o.o
Never counted them but now it´s at 75-ish& from the upload
If it takes another 10min I´ll contact the support. But my best friend meant maybe it´s due to the hacking-thing what happend around here that it´s taking so long.

You´re the best you know Q.Q @Beregon

I think it´ll take another 10-15mins. Q_Q  (Upload as .zip startet about 12min ago)
(I´m really sorry that my crappy-where-ever-the-problem-is-Upload costs so much nerves for all here)

Thank you so much QwQ
I´ll try it again!

Hi thereI have problems uploading the file. 
It sits there for like 10min in the same %-spot  now Q_Q

Thank you so much. >w< <3 

Thank you.
And that is awesome with the additional days! :D

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In fact, I also had currently a total sag.
Probably, unless a miracle happens, only one demo will come around. (I hope that is so far okay?)

But this is so far my favorite ingame screenshot of my project. :)


Okay thank you! I would use just 2 or 3 maps from the old project. :3 

I wanted to ask if I can use the maps that I had finished for a project ages ago, but which I had canceled in the end?

That we were allowed to search and retrieve assets before, it already says, but can we also use maps that we already had before the jam?

Sorry for the late response! :'( 
The game will get a whole makeover/remake because the bugs are much more troubling than expected.
But it's not cancelled! ^w^

Thank you very much. :3
I'm improving the demo-part at the moment and there will be also a new intro. ^w^

If you want you can follow me at twitter. I'm posting new updates there first. (I forget to post here new updates very often. ^^')

Ahhh okay, thanks for your answer. ^w^
I'm curious what is coming next in the game!
Will you post any updates here or somewhere else where I can follow you?

Hi! ^w^
I have a crash after the airship crashed in the storm and Ren wakes up in the snow.
He won't stop turning in all directions and I can't do anything. :( 

By the way: The ingame-graphics are SO awesome! It's the bestlooking game I saw which is made with the RpgMaker! <3 

Hey :3 I want to thank you all for your support for MUTE during the IGMC2018! <3 
Without you I wouldn't be at rank 29!

Follow me for any updates from MUTE and coming projects on twitter!
Follow me on Twitter for updates *click*

Yeay, thank you! It's really nice to read, that you can see the effort I made to this point. (And want to put in the rest of the game too!)
And I'm really into steampunk as well. xD
It's a really good idea from you that the world should be more explained in the beginning. I think I have a idea how to do that without losing the focus on Lynette at the gamestart.

Btw I want to show a little update the next days. :D
After the player voting-phase I'll upload an updated demo. I'll try to put your tip into that version. ^w^9

Of course! And I don't mind a dark screen. I had a small horror game in work too and it's also dark. xD
I'll send you feedback when I played it. ^^

Thank youuu! >///<
I'm glad to read that the atmosphere and sound are so good as I hoped it would be for the player. :'D 
Could you tell me which bugs you found? Then I can take a better look at it. ^^

Thank you so much! I thought quiet long about their design. First I thought of giving them animal-traits so symbolise them a bit more but that didn't gave them the dark look I wanted for them.

And thanks for the feedback. I will take a look how to make it easier for the player to see where you can go and where not. :D 

Thank youuu don't make me blush! ^w^

I want to make it a little secret what War, Justice and Plaque are exactly till the game is finished.
Because I want to give the player the opportunity to experience the story of the game as he interprets it.
And yes the game will be really sad in a few points. ^^'

I will take a look at the campfire-event thanks for the info!
And of course I will finish the game. x) <3 

I'm really happy that you like it so much! <3
I was really nervous  because the story is more serious and a little sad that most people will not like it.