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I FOUND SOMETHING COOL. I WAS JUST CURIOUS AND WENT TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I PUT SOME OF THE SPRITES FROM THE DEMO IN THIS ONE. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED! i put the one of Minami in the demo when she screams "LIAR!" and kills Yukari. so i went to the part where akira has minami and she tries to kill her. so when she dies by miho or whatever she a makes this face,  So when she made this face she did the one from the demo when she screams "LIAR!" at Yukari and kills her..... i just wanted to share this neat thing. OwO

Yeah, I did that and it finally worked. Thanks for being patient with my stupidity 

Actually i might have deleted the old version and I've been trying to start the newer one (by just clicking open) and it won't work. please (try to) help ;-;

Thank you so muchh <3 <3 <3

Hey i don't know if you might see this or whatever, but i was wondering how do you update the game or something? Would i have to download it again? I'm just confused ;-;