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Oop's sorry, I must've gotten Alex's name wrong

(IDK HOW I GOT HIS NAME WRONG LOL sorry I made you expect to meet a jake ;- ; )

10/10 master piece. Artstyle and characters were just beautiful uwu.

I enjoyed going through all the endings, Yuzuki's was very interesting it gave me DDLC vibes.

Thank u for making dis VN, It was very interesting :D

I really enjoyed the mod :)
I replayed this a bunch of times cuz the sprite of your MC and Mammon is so good :O

Have a good day/evening/noon uwu

I didn't know up until now, thank you for telling me this! uwu

Press enter


good luck with development! I shall sprinkle the power of OwO's and UwU's to help u along ur journey /\(>3<)/\

Also, will there be a route for Kai? /\(>///<)/\

I think it would make for a good route.

It was my pleasure to play your game : )

The entire story was very emotional, I love how you gave personality to these characters and brought them to life ;)
And Leon... wow. I don't know what to say about him. I think your game was a masterpiece overall, and its really deep. 

I could send a link to it if you want

It doesn't seem so, but if you want to see some interesting theory's of what happened, you can look at the chain called "Where is Agashi". There are many theorys that are helpful and just for fun.

HAHAHA, the Fan Service was hilarious! LOL
Also I loved the art! Its amazingggg. UwU

U truely been blessed with UwUs and OwOs.




Also Corvus lookin mighty fine-

I understand, but the talking is part of the story from the anime/manga. O - O

Also it was supposed to be a fangame for a ship and yee. Not much was supposed to happen cuz it was like a fanfic I guess.

The full game was heckin amazing. I love the story and art in dis game, also love strong protag UwU. 10/10 would play again

I think the reason it was boring to you was because you never watched the anime . _ .
The game would have been interesting to you if u had watched the anime tho.

you have a good point! Its a really interesting theory. Thanks 4 sharing this uwu

u have no idea how beautiful you game was ; - ; 

The characters were so cool and the art was beautiful!!!!!!

The storys were amazing and made me either sad or happy

This was truly a masterpiece I will always cherish UwU 

This game is reaaalllllyyyy good! Ive never seen a game with an amazing storyline!!! I love how detailed the descriptions of the monster were, u sure know how to scare someone with just details.\_(uwu)_/ U have truly been blessed with UwU's and OwO's u amazing person.

I think your findings are amazing! 👍 I wish luck upon your research!!1!

I think its amazing that you are passionate for this chain or just making your point to dum dum's, but I think being offensive to that person won't really get your point across to them. I love your passion tho! I just think if you are trying to convince them they are in the wrong, you should probably use different words. uwu

Heckin amazing UwU  u have truly been blessed with UwU's and OwO's 

ok! Thank you for your help!  Also good luck on your project! I shall bless u with UwUs and OwOs to help u on ur journey!!!!

Could I get a tutorial on how to do some of these things? Im very new to coding and just started

its so gooooooodddddddddddddd, +-+

U really know how 2 make a person attached 2 the story. U have been blessed with the power of  UwUs and OwO's.

yay UwU

Somethings wrong with the game... I played, and the ocean was light blue, but the rest was black, so I couldn't make my way through the game. Either its something wrong with the game, or its cuz I got an old computer, but plz try to fix/check it.

I really like this! I loved the story and the graphics UwU. I also loved the song, I wanna know what the name is ; - ; pls someone tell me what the song is.

First comment UwU. Also, I think ur game is great! I love the graphics and characters! This game is truly blessed with the power of UwU's and OwO's

I love this game! Its short, but nice. I love the way you designed the characters room. Vewy purple and nice UwU

I love the games u have! So pretty and nice UwU. U have truly been blessed with the power of UwUs and OwOs.

Saw it now! I'll make sure to keep tabs on the chain uwu

this game was amazing! I loved the graphics! But I got scared cuz I thought I heard the sound of footsteps in the game? And the music was to scary for me. But still 10/10, would play again UwU

The art and story is AMAZING!!! Makes u really wanna dig deeper, keep up the good work! U shall be blessed with the power of UwU's and OwO's.

ok! looking foward to it!

ok! Excited to hear ur update UwU

Ya, never knew I would get this information just by posting this lol. You should stay updated. I heard that he/she is  going to update us about the case. we might find something.

Ok! Thx 4 ur dedication 2 this! uwu