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I happy to hear that you liked the game.Those are the only ones at the moment, but I got an artist to work with, I just need money to pay him. The moment I got enough found in any way, pictures will be implemented into the game. The artist name is MR.32 he do the image curently on the game page, those are his desing of the slaves. Again sorry about the lack of visual yet, but hopefully it will change in the near future.

I happy you enjoyed the game. I try my best with English, but it's not my mother langauge so the thing originating from there. I would happily take your help. Can I ask for a way to reach out to you? (If you replie here I will delete the comment afterward so other can't see after your e-mail and such.)

I plan to do a continuation and I hope I will have everything to make a new game with her next year.

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Sadly not everything is perfect yet and thanks for the feedback.

 Any help is welcomed.

I thank you in advance.

Just now fix the thing you find, in the next build it will be how it should.

Hello, thanks for your question, seems like i missed a character in my program code. I uploaded a new version what you need to download. In this version you can chose your langauge at the beggining of the game. Thanks for noticing and reporting this issue, youre a real hero in my eyes. Also, dont afraid about your english i understanded perfectly what you asked. BTW i not a native english speaker too so dont be afraid of saying anything.

A quick little fan art about our little cute goblin girl Gilda made by MR. 32

check out the subscribestar page:

Thanks, i hope you will enjoy it a lot!

It's a promising and enjoyable game. I hope there will be some shota X loli and shota X older girl action in the future too. I would be happy if the two loli not there only for money.

The poll ended with the victory of goblin girl.

The current poll about the slaves:

Oh, i see thanks for the clearification.

Also its not in the sale page for some reason, but i make a 4 day sale with the game.

Hello for some reason i dont see my game in the store after publish. There is some setting that prevent that? my game is 18+ so i make it in the sensitive content category in metadata. That could be the reason or some other thing?

The first release of my early access Visual Novel is out now and in the first 4 day there is a sweet off on its price.
Its about a cute little fairy and a man who prepearing to figth his own fate and naturaly some cute lewd thing.
Be sure to check it out if you like when your heart got a boner.