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thanks! Not a lot of time to make too much content, puzzle games are pretty difficult to make quickly, especially with 3D, and I wanted to make sure the game was well polished. 

yes, that was intentional. 

How to get endings become a bit more clear...after opening the first safe (sci-fi room). The password can be found using the map. 

Thanks for the feedback. The last guys name is Sinkus btw, he's a character from one of my other games. 

As for the file created to your computer, it's just a Json file, no different than any save file created by any other game or application.

Quick minor spoilerly note:

If you have started the game and are wondering about the crash at the beginning, don't worry, that's intentional.

Thanks! I’m planning on putting out an update with more content and sound/music soon after the jam ends!

Pretty good! I have a couple of feedback to give here, one is I think that the main planet should have a health bar, and two is that I think different asteroids should do different amounts of damage depending on size.

But that's just some nitpicks, really fun game overall!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I agree that the map isn't super necessary, but I'm actually working on expanding the game a bit right now, so the post-jam update will have a map, along with new content. I'll be sure to check your game out sometime today when I get the chance.

QUICK NOTE: In the game, it says that you can open a map, I didn't have time to implement this and forgot to remove the text. If you really need a map, you can find one on the game page, but using it is discouraged for the best experience :)

Solid game! I thought it was pretty fun, but I have two big criticisms with jumping. First, the base height is too low to really jump once over any of the enemies, you have to fly. The second thing is that I think that the amount of time you're allowed to fly for and how the stamina bar just resets automatically is a little bit to OP. It would probably be good if you lower the amount of time you can fly, and then give it some extra time before resetting it (perhaps it fills in slowly?). But overall, it was very enjoyable, so good job!

Thanks! The acceleration cap was initially a bug, but I ended up including it as a feature, and some of the games challenges require that you use it.

I'm on vacation right now so I'm not able to fix the wall bug, but you can reset the current level by pushing the R key (and you can skip levels with the = key).

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Thanks, though I didn't made it, all music came from Zapsplat (not credited in game as I have a paid membership. The music I used though was free.). 

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Sorry controller didn't work for you, I have keybinds set up in the input manager, but I don't have a controller so never was able to test it.

You shouldn't need a double jump for anything the game, however if you spam the jump button while wall-jumping, you'll gain momentum and go really high.

Edit: Just looked at the spot you were talking about, that 3rd jump is possible without double jumping, but you'll need to wall jump a lot as soon as you get to that blue platform in order to stay on.


Yeah, I agree that the first few levels were sorta meh, this is my first experience making a game of this type, so it was a bit new to me.

Not really sure what I was supposed to do, so a tutorial would be nice. Also not sure what the goal was, is it just to accumulate points? Also, this might be a bug, but I never could take damage, and the only level that I could access was the square.

Thanks for the feedback! You mentioned the platforms and the ball drop puzzle, and I do agree that the art and hinting there isn't the best, however this is due to a the fact that it is a newer puzzle that actually can't be completed in the demo, so that will definitely be improved later on. Sound and music are currently in the works, I'm outsourcing for those, so I'm really just waiting for those to be completed before putting them into the game.

No problem! As for the feedback:

I think what you have is stellar (pun intended). I like how you slowly introduce new mechanics over time, and the puzzle you have in the game so far are great! A few suggestions that I think could make the game better overall:

1. I think some more varied and interesting music could help quite a bit rather than the droning sound you have right now

2. I think that the sound effects could use a bit of variation, and the current gravity change sound effect get's a little annoying after a while

3. The graphics are a bit under par (which is understandable due to that fact that this was a jam game.) I think if you refine the art style a bit and add some polish, it will look a ton better

4. I think that there should be more puzzles where the player needs to use the movement keys. I could solve most of the puzzles without even touching the movement button, so I think that the movement mechanic could be utilised a bit more.

5. More levels!

5. I think adding some smooth gravity to the sand would be good considering everything else moves smoothly. Them moving by increments like they are now makes the game feel laggy even though it's not.

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I don't know if this is supposed to happen, but based on your screenshots I assume not, but there is not anything except for the player thing in the level, and the player just falls down. You might want to fix that.

I think that overall it was pretty good, definitely addicting. I think that running into rocks should either kill you, or more heavily impact your speed. Also, while using the speed boost it is incredibly difficult to dodge the rocks, I would either make it so they spawn less frequently during the boost or give the player invulnerability during the boost.

I also feel that variation would help out a ton, right now the only obstacle is rocks, I think some variation both in obstacles and player moveset would help out.

Yeah, I wasn't really able to smooth out some of the bugs and explain some of the story stuff, I didn't have enough time sadly.

If anyone is streaming or recording lets plays of the games in the jam, could you link in this post so everyone can see?

Oh yeah...My computer has been shutting down randomly, so it's been a bit stressful.

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Here is a definition of Adventure game from Wikipedia

Essential elements of the genre include storytelling, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Marek Bronstring, former head of content at Sega has characterised adventure games as puzzles embedded in a narrative framework; such games may involve narrative content that a player unlocks piece by piece over time. While the puzzles that players encounter through the story can be arbitrary, those that do not pull the player out of the narrative are considered examples of good design.

Combat and action challenges are limited or absent in adventure games; this distinguishes them from action games. In the book Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design, the authors state that "this [reduced emphasis on combat] doesn't mean that there is no conflict in adventure games ... only that combat is not the primary activity." Some adventure games will include a minigame from another video-game genre, which adventure-game purists do not always appreciate.

Thanks! That was cool to watch!

Also, the reason you push up/down on the 'are you real' puzzle is because you are both real, and not real... at least, that's what I was going for.

It was fun, the art style was good! My only suggestion is that you upload a Windows and HTML5 build so that way more people can play it. I'm one of the few people on here that are using a Mac.

Were you playing with sound off? The reason it makes you wait is because the dialogue tracks are playing.

Not really sure what I was doing, collisions didn't seem to work. But with some work, this could be quite fun!

I fixed the browser version.

It's a Mac, but I was playing the WebGL version in Chrome

Really difficult! Fun! Reminds me a bit of The Worlds Hardest Game!

The aesthetic of the game is really great, I love how it looks! But its very difficult to hit the aliens.

Wasn't able to play, the default resolution was much to large so i could only see the top left corner of your game.

It's pretty good, but it could be better. For one, the player character should not be centred in the screen. It should be closer to the left side (rule of thirds), the fact that it was centred made the gameplay confusing and at first I thought I was the guy with the shield.

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Hey, I am looking for a female voice actor who can record a few lines for the game I'm doing for the jam. If you are interested, please DM me @Dr. PUZZER#1894

Nevermind, got it done.