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nadia nova

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i really enjoyed this game! i just finished playing i think i got all the routes! ive never ready a VN like this before so it was great!

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Cute game! Loved it! :D I love your art it looks so nice! :>

I assume it wasn't intentional, but you left the .sai file of your sprites "dho7" in your game folder!

i deleted the music it was horrible i agree silence is better than bad music

difficult lol

My high score was 6. And I tried for maybe 5min, can't be bothered to continue when I can hardly get to 2 jumps.

This was a really cute game! Took me a few tries to complete it! :D

I really liked this! :>

Hey, I just want to tell you that I really liked this game. The overall look and aesthetic was really amazing. :> The whole game was really relatable especially in the ADHD way.

ahhh sorry! :D it was a jam game for gameboy jam so it was the color requirement to have only 4 colors and i picked the green for gameboy look :D i didnt have any music since it had to be made during the jam and well i cant make music so i ended up not having anything to play!! im happy you liked it though, i still have been thinking about making a remake with fixing few tiny bugs but mainly adding color to the world and music. :p

Ah, okay. I was wondering because I thought the game would have lgbt content, but I wasn't sure how.

You're completely misunderstanding me. I didn't just stop being straight at some point because I decided. I just learned afterwards that I was a lesbian. It was not my choice, it just happened. People can also have pretty strong ideas about what they think, I hope you can learn that yours is false in this too.

Created a new topic Why is this tagged lgbt?


Sexuality isn't that simple, I used to think I'm straight but after a bunch of years turns out I'm a lesbian.

Sexuality can change.

The jam discord will continue as a general gamedev discord related to yuri stuff, come share your stuff!

thank you!!

Adorable! Jam end was the best end! :D You inspire me to make visual novels too! <3

I'm happy you enjoyed it! Hopefully I will be able to make longer games in the future!

I used Construct 2 to make this game, if you are interested in making your own games I would definitely recommend you to check it out!

Thank you! <3

No its just Gameboy resolution 160x144.

What? What pun?


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How are you hearing the music I deleted it yesterday? Did you like download the game yesterday or something?

Ehh... I don't really think people need a PG13 rating... I mean most of the people coming here are either other game devs or people from my blog which is 18+ so.

As far as I know I didn't make any toilet jokes either, at least it wasn't intentional. I just added toilets cause games like pokemon never have toilets and it annoys me.

I'm happy to hear you liked the game :D I will definately one day in the future make a game like this but longer and cuter and gayer.

It was a gamejam game and made in 10 days so it was supposed to be short.

also i had an option to turn the music on and off, then i removed the music completely in the latest patch cause i didnt like it


hey so here is the join link! welcome

Created a new topic Jam discord chat

Hey, I think it would be neat to hold a discord chat for the jam? Anyone up to make one?

then you do it with your extra rules if you find it fun, jams are just to inspire people to do something, in this case, gameboy-like games, not actual games to be run on an actual gameboy

thats not real enough we need to make actual nintendo verified game carts

next jam were only allowed to accept actual gameboy playable roms you have to mail them all to the jam host and he will play them on his sweet ass real gameboy

why are you so upset

Created a new topic Jam discord chat

I think a discord jam chat would be cool, I was in a jam discord for another jam and it was useful & fun

oops.. that shouldnt happen haha.. if you want to give it another try restart the game, no idea what went wrong. maybe try waiting a bit before pressing continue. idk lol sorry

haha can you imagine how much fun playtesting i had when run speed was like 5x whatever it was in the actual release :D

thank you! she recoveded well!

thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed it!

haha :D

Replied to kuupu in Exodemon comments

Thank you! I was too tempted to try if it was possible! :D

If you ever need an idea for a boss battle, make a boss that requires you to climb on top of it to attack its weak spot and defeat it! :>

Hey, devs, did you know its possible to jump on the boss and just scratch it until it dies while the boss just misses all its attacks? :D Demo was fun looking forward to the full version!

ohh... well in that case ill just try and hurry and do my best D:

Hey! I took part in the jam 3 days ago. I'm going to make a guitarhero-like game. Not in rythm though since that part will be impossible to make with my skill. you have dudes running at you and your gf and then you have to hit the right button at the right time to knock them out! :D

a really rough wip of my game

this is the player sprite in action

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will the week be updated to the time counter?

like ive been glancing the time in slight panic cause i took part in the jam 3 days ago and still have stuff to do. i just by chance came to the forum and saw this post so its a relief, but not everyone probably will see this post