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Liquidrealm Games

A member registered Apr 20, 2018

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Hey. Are you still allowing people to make requests

Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. Guess I’m gonna have to go back to looking. I’ll see if someone can replicate the quality

Hello AR14. I'm using Mannequin to create Alesia's Story Portcast High. However the default models aren't enough for the After Story.

Could you add the following features:

  • Models for different body frames (pregnant, skinny, large, ect for females)
  • Different heights for character

These two are needed for the final release of Alesia's Story, but if you can't add them, I'll keep looking for artists. Your software is still my best option.

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Payment: None, it's pure volunteer work

Hours: Whenever needed


  • Can draw both teens and adults
  • Can draw varying body shapes
  • Is capable of planning in case they're called for


  • Not too busy
  • Prefer people with higher quality

Game: Alesia's Story Portcast High

State: Recently restarted

I use TyranoBuilder to code the game.

Yes I do. I go by ssjninja378#3920

Payment: None, it's volunteer work.

Hours: When I or a team member need art to work from, or for the game.

Description: I need artists who can work with a school setting and can compliment each other's art styles. I've been using Mannequin for my art, and while I won't deny that it looks good, I prefer art made by others than me using a character editor.  By accepting the place you agree to draw art of characters around the ages of 15-18 and adults (occasionally) with designs based on their personality.

Project Name: Alesia's Story: Portcast High

Current State: Nowhere near finished

I would like the ability to add props to a character's hand. Like a microphone or a phone. This could help add those who want to make games have a lot more customisation items. More poses for males would also be appreciated.

Hey. Can you add an .OGG version? TyranoBuiler only lets me use OGG files