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i did not like it, it was chore to play threw 
- visually its ok tho it could been better atm it seams a bit empty
- game play wise little stiff but solid
- level design and difficult curve tragic levels are quite plane and lack of substance not to mention some of the obstacle are place  just to be mean to the player forcing player to get domaga not because he/she made a mistake but how the level was put together
- lack of some nice beat/ music dulls the experience 

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graphic design is really nice and it works solid
the music was not really anything special
but the level design in the demo is really bad dizzy had some bizarre combinations but it never hide anything from the player like the chest with diamond or the planks are not different enough from the BG i used the saw on tree and some planks below but not the right ones so i watch the walk threw instead
and not really fan of almost pixel perfect platforming

but yea if the puzzles in the full versions are like in demo then it is not for me

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\o/ there was a first person who pass the game on YT unfortunately thy took down the video to bad i did not save the nickname  to showcase him :C 


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new version is out that allows you to restart.

thank you for the info :)

yesss the thing is i alredy worked on the game during the weekend and i alredy post it talking about falstart :X

i guess i misunderstood something  i tho it was 24h on the weekend now i see 7 days and so im confused yes this is my first jam here :X