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Well after I figure out that the combat was thrust based and not slash based, things got pretty streamlined.

Honestly I dug pretty much everything about this. The music and cutscenes were aesthetic winners in particular, even that same bug I got as Khryse where the background just completely flipped out.

The only real criticism, other than maybe telling players to thrust and not slash everywhere like a wibbly wobbly inflateable tube man, is that the one-hit kill meant I totally just spammed the Max Payne slowmo to kingdom fuck. Defensive mechanics are totally something to look into.

Otherwise, cheers!

Sorry man. Running Windows 10 on a craptop, the game loaded and while the cursor-reticle displayed and the ambient lights played, could not get it to register the WASD or any other keys. Tried running as Administrator, compatibility mode, the works. Stock still character. Mocking me for trying to play it.

Well messed around a bit, and for what it was, it was alright. I didn't really figure out a way to mess with a cats stats other than leave them alone and there were way too many cats at any one time to keep track of which ones were breedable and which you were better off selling - but yeah those are just minute balancing concerns for the future. Mechanically, in all its goofy physics glory, it's alright. No troubles and no real glitches either, good work.

This is beyond minor, but I'd appreciate the rain ambience reaching beyond two centimeters from the door. Always liked the rain.

Well that's the most unique take on Pong I've seen yet.
I'm not sure if it was just a glitch, or just me, or whatever, but the constant screenshake just make tracking ball by it's relatively weak particle signature to just be a total crapshoot.  Honestly the objects were constantly shaking and offkilter on the main menu too, maybe it really was me.

The AI seemed, I don't know. It's weird that they were able to just counter 5 shots of completely different trajectories in a row from straight shot to nearly 70 degree zig-zags, but what can you do. Got thrashed.

But yeah, unique tack. Has merit. Good luck.

For all the flack you caught for your player model, it works fine in game.

The whole "having next to no control over your jump velocity/parabola, just direction" made the whole precision timing and spacing deal straight off the bat to be a little tough for, I don't know, 12 year olds. Still, nicely paced.

Hey, nice so far.

Movement, got both positives and negatives on. Positive is that I absolutely liked how jumping would just launch you. Almost strafejumping levels, that was fun. Negative is that it has trouble registering if you're holding both the forward and a side key. Something to look into.

Other than that, solid for what it is. Didn't have much to do after I ran out of ammo, but jumping around like a headless analogy was fun.

I guess the game only goes to about the third level, ey?

Never did figure out quite how to really kill things or anything, not that it seemed to really matter. The little tech demo in the third level was easily the best idea of the lot, having to switch between the three types of lanterns to figure out where you were and how to get around. That definitely has potential, liked messing with that.

Only real criticism I have, in as early a state as this is, would be to just not have a brown character on a brown background. Placeholders or no. Other than that, good luck!

Well it's a short little mechanical pitch. Nothings broken. Will say to watch your levels, even if the player banging their head on the ceiling technically doesn't break the game it's a bit of a pacing downer.

But uh, yeah. Good work. Yeah.

Alright, that was more fun than I expected. But also less fun.

Lot of comparisons to Pepsiman, Spiderman (I swear that midair animation is straight off Spiderman Enter Electro or something), but it's momentum based. Which means a lot of not really having anything to do midair since your grapple is out and you can't change your direction midair if your life depended on it. Which fortunately it doesn't, but it does mean a lot of tumbling all the way back to the beginning, back to the same two admittedly nice Delorean assets.

Other than that, though, pretty darn nice. I mean it's obvious what you just cooked up to be in there for the demo build, but it's just for the demo build so it's not even a factor. All worked well, would love to run an obstacle course ala Lemma or something with these mechanics. Good job!

I got to about 25 kills before calling it quits. You know, 1 at a time, I won't lie I was pretty inebriated and wasn't going to take any chances.

Well, mechanically, no issues. Any feedback from here would just be a case of dicking around with assets and animations, the movement mechanics and friends are all fine. Liked the knockback on the melee, it was near cartoonish and fun. Only thing I didn't like was for each shot to require a click - I know it sounds minor, and it is, but I have a cheap $5 and those suckers break easy. Maybe look into like gatling gun physics, I don't know.

Good work! I've been following your progress posts pretty closely. Looking forward to more.

Pretty good! I like my sudoku, I uh, well I have a fairly neutral opinion on cubes but they're alright too.

Now I don't know if this disqualifies me from not being on the "do not resuscitate" list or what but I just did not figure out how to use the red and blue pens. You'd click a pen, click a cell, click a number then nada. Probably on me. Still, something to keep in mind, making some sockpuppet presentations to help your less gifted players.

Good apart from that, though!

I don't have much in the way of feedback, everything seemed to more or less work, but boy was that tutorial an intensely unlikable experience of being patronized to kingdom fuck.

So I managed to cop around 15000 score, probably not impressive but whatever.

Mostly I found that the whole game just revolved around kiting until enemy spawns outbid your retreat vector, which probably isn't a problem. It is a shame that when enemies drop weapons or pickups, you'll never get them because they'll drop right in the middle of the horde you're kiting.

I am running this on a toastertop so maybe that's just messing with results.

I did completely enjoy the more minor mechanical elements like dodge cancelling, but your Glass Joe (Glass Doe? No? Okay.) equivalent absolutely did not show off the full range of mechanical complexity the game can and probably will reach.

I'm all for meditation programs for just about the same reasons everyone else is, makes a nice alternative to just smoking, but really you want to make it more of an audio-visual stimulus experience rather than just a list of prompts. Experiment with, I don't know, rain sounds and abstract shapes and whatever.

Also when you smoke, holding in your breath for that long is a bit of a task. That isn't even a criticism or something to account for, just a factoid.

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Alright! So I want to say I had about as much of a go as I was willing, so take this with a pinch of salt:

Art: Polished to a T. Loved the animation pacing, value range, all those technical tidbits. Honestly, good work, everything reads.

Mechanics: Also polished to a T! That roll and punish system is honestly more than enough, focusing on hard hitting combat over extravagances was a good choice.

Level design: I mean I assume it's just a demo thing, but everything did feel very "quashed together". Maybe it gets better, I only put 10 minutes into the game because...

Performance: I got a black screen only on Chrome, Firefox and even Edge, and it only ran in Internet Explorer 10. Gamepad support refused to proc and if I held down the arrow keys in any direction ol' Frauki rolled like a madman. Continuously, forever. Browsers are an arse and a half to deal with so, uh, good luck with that. Might just be an edge case, what can you do.

Good work, though! Looks like this one has been around awhile.

EDIT: Please discard all of this, I came back to the Firefox tab I left up for 15 minutes and it worked perfectly.

I guess my major piece of feedback would be to add a loading screen.

Hey man, as much as I'd like to give your Meet N Fuck new-age simulator a go, all I'm getting is this error. Maybe it's my computer, I don't know.

Hey man, would love to give ol' Frauki's Adventure a go but all I'm getting is "the developer has not uploaded a game yet" on the game page.