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Oh man, people are still playing this game? Really enjoyable watching, thanks for playing :)


That would be amazing if you could, thank you!

Oh my god I'm so sorry you had to suffer the mouse-detatching-from-game glitch, it happens the second you ESC out of the game, I fixed it in the update but thank you for playing anyway...

Windows build up!

Sure, I'll try to do that now!

Huh. It's a Godot export, so I don't know how the Javascript portion works. My only guess would be that is serving the files wrong somehow, but that seems unlikely?

Yah Safari just doesn't support WebGL 2.0, won't run lots of browser games...

Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Oh yeah you're definitely right, I think it was mainly an issue of time by the end...

What browser are you on?

<3 made my day!

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Oh, for what it's worth, but still avoiding spoilers, the graphical assets in one section that seem out of place were (obviously) not made by us.

I suppose? It's just that it fully combos with just itself... Loved everything else about the game though :)))

DAMN this is good. Honestly I'm amazed you made it in this time! My only issue is that a lot of the attacks just let you fall into patterns where you can play perfectly, such as with 'close'.


So the presentation is great, but the gameplay doesn't really do much for me... until the people started coming out in crowds. Then the whole thing clicks and the mechanics really sing. Great work doing a social commentary in a 48 hour game jam!

Title. Great game nonetheless <3

Second question: how do you @ in Mark to an Itchio topic

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (aaaaaaaaa) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Aaa watching this is so nice! Thank you for featuring it!!!

Aaaa thank you :)

Haha, you're probably right, I find the game too fast for me but that's probably because I suck at it somehow, everyone else seems to be better than me...

aaaaa this is the best thing :)

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But for real I doubt it, like, on sheer number of entries alone...

Thank you for the incredible compliment though :)

This is BRILLIANT. Gets unfairly difficult by the end, but that's totally okay, fits with the game's themes and means it's the perfect length. Broke down laughing slightly at the movement, it's absolutely excellent.

Ah this is clever! Well done persevering and making Something, and I actually really enjoyed playing this! Just assume everything except the things I'm about to say are positive haha.

So, criticisms. Maybe this is just me, but I think first person platforming is an inherently very flawed mechanics set. Like, Mirror's Edge, a game built entirely around the concept of it, a game with a decent budget and some serious work into animation and physics, still isn't perfect and some sections are just frustrating. Put those mechanics through the 48-hour-game-jam-machine, and suddenly the work you put into making a well paced story is sabotaged by my crap at platformer ass repeatedly failing a section. Also, at some points failing cut off the voice track, including the most important part of the story, but, game jam, and I could fill in story through context.

I really liked the 'machine' bit though, and this made me think. With patience, it's relatively easy, and the mechanics perfectly fit the point you're trying to make. Slow, methodical, like a machine. If more sections were like this, I think I could be much more strongly attached to the story you're telling.

Otherwise, well done! Hope your team is better next year...

aaaaa this is so a e s t h e t i c

i... okay

God same, it's really lacking in some proper screenshake.


Wow, thanks for the in depth advice! Some of this was definitely on the 'would do with more time' list, but a lot of this is stuff that people haven't mentioned much yet. Really happy you liked the idea :)

Thank you! Yeah, the difficulty is a bit weird, depending on your understanding of the timing and a bit of luck it's either really easy or really hard, but we didn't have a huge amount of time to test for something like that...

There is actually an end point that my not-very-helpful waypoint marker pointed towards, but tbh I rarely manage to reach it myself...

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We had that idea at the very beginning, but never really thought much about it. We then very quickly found it was both extremely annoying, and extremely funny, so it stayed in to the end!

Really interesting idea! This is kinda the Ikaruga I've always wanted to play... It's hard to properly pull off reflections, but when you land a hit it feels SO GOOD.

thanks mum :)

The next step is to code it so that it can tell in advance which movements are necessary for your survival, and then jacks up the chance of him ignoring you just for the heck of it...

uh maybe my design intentions aren't the best...