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Wow, this is PERFECT! 

I know I am late to the party, but I can't thank you enough. I'm working on a tutorial on how to set up a game to not only be launch within GameGo, but also able to return back to GameGo when you exit the game. 

I've came up with a workaround for the problem I've had. Go into GameGo's config and disable all the controller input. Then using a controller mapping tool such as Xpadder, map the buttons to the desire function for GameGo. This fixed the backward vertical controls for me.

Same here. The minimal design and simple controls makes it fantastic. There's really no alternative for a console-like interface besides steam big picture mode. Right now I'm forced to use big picture mode since the development on GameGO has halted.

Yes I know that. How would you reverse the horizontal direction? If this isn't possible how would I map the movement to the d-pad on a controller?

Any update on this? Still hoping for a new release. This would have been the perfect game launcher for me if it weren't for the backward up/down movement on my Xbox controller. If anyone is still here, is there a way to swap the vertical movement or do I have to wait for an update?

has there been any progress?

Great, that's something I could certainly do :)

How about clicking on a game tile brings up more information about the game such as a short description, screenshots, and box art. I think that would be a great option to have.

What software do you recommend for making .swf files?


I just tried out GameGo and it picked up my Logitech F710 controller right away. However, I've notice that moving up and down the grid in the launcher is backward. Pressing down goes up and pressing up goes down.

Is it currently possible to reverse the axis or is this a bug?