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I must say, the art is stunning! The voiceover is amazing, the sound effects and soundtrack are both spectacular and the overall feel gives me shivers! To bad i don't like games like this but if i did, i would've loved it! Good job!

Yeah, text was weird but wasn't motivated and didn't have the time to fix it... I found it more intuotive that W is forward and not up, but yeah, maybe W being up relativly to the world itselfs would be better... Thank you for the comment and i'm glad i didn't totally waste your time :P

Thank you! Nice to see someone actually liked my game :P "Self-esteem + 1"

It's really great to look at, fun idea and nice music/sound effects! I don't know if it was a joke but Sudoku is a puzzle, maybe you where thinking of : Seppuku (If it was a joke, lol) but that isn't really a problem.. loved it!