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Really fun game, ended to quickly for me, maybe add an "Endless Stage" for the first trial, it was fun!

Wow! I really liked how trippy it felt always turning left and left but still being able to go back, it was really cool. I liked the story to, it was brought in a fun way, well done!

I like the idea, but it's not made super good, first of all, i had to walk trough many empty rooms in the start, i almost thought that that was the game, just emptyness and in other parts of the game I also had parts of many empty rooms... Nothing seemed to kill me, not the red brooms chasing you or the ants... Probably a collision bug but you had a lot of them, When i tried to move a box it freaked out and my broom went all over the screen, background music would also be nice. But i know i wrote many bad comments, this is me trying to point out my problems with it but i also had good points! I liked the idea, art and overall feel of climbing up mountains of boxes

It's a really cool game, to bad i'm bad at puzzeling games, but i liked it! Good job

Yeah, i had to say that earlier and make it more clear, i know, it's sometimes difficult to put you inside the mind of the player and that thing slipped past me, stupid me!

Wow, normally i post something back but totally forgot it.... sorry bout that but glad you enjoyed! Nice to know i didn't completely waste your time

I don't think jump trough platforms where intended to happen :D Unless you were speaking of the one with fire in it. I hoped people would find it out by trying to light up the lanterns and stuff but maybe i'll have to say it more clearly. I had music in the game but maybe that's a WebGL error, but thank you for the feedback, appreciate it!

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Wow, I really like it! It's super fun to play, well done!

I liked the game! Music was also very nice, as well as art. Maybe you could do something more with the hiding aspect, because i really liked that part but it became repetitive after a while. High score is 99, don't know if that is good or not. Fun game!

Thank you for the nice words! Keeps me motivated to participate in Game jams, good luck with your own projects!

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I thought i would play your game and critique it as you did with out games :P First of all, i didn't clearly see a "Controls panel" In-Game, only on the site, wich you commented about, It would be cool if you could see the amount of laps you've done and in wich spot you're in (second place, third place,....) and the arrows could be more clear to see! Also, make a slider or a button to decrease sound volume, my ears couldn't handle the loud music so had to mute . I also had a bug where i was clearly winning but i flew over the end and lost because it didn't count as a lap :'( cool game though!

I really liked the music, story and art, I just didn't know how to get the stranger to leave, i had 100 food but i couldn't get the stranger to leave so i didn't win :( But nice game!

Really liked the game and the art! loved it, keep on making more of these cool games!

I love it! Cool mechanics

No like, i don't have many tme due to school work, well maybe 4 hours is to little but like, can only work a day or two

No, i don't have many time due to school work, and because i'm a beginner i can't make a game in less than 4 hours... Wish to join again though, in the vacation!

WAY TO SHORT! loved the art and gameplay, if it a was just a little longer

Loved the game! Pretty hard to get into first but overall it was really fun!

This is.... something.... but i like it :P

Love it!

Such a cool game! so high quality! Love it!

Ooh everytime i land on a platform the screen begins to freak out, to bad :/ looks nice though

TOO SHORT!!! :'(

I must say, the art is stunning! The voiceover is amazing, the sound effects and soundtrack are both spectacular and the overall feel gives me shivers! To bad i don't like games like this but if i did, i would've loved it! Good job!

Yeah, text was weird but wasn't motivated and didn't have the time to fix it... I found it more intuotive that W is forward and not up, but yeah, maybe W being up relativly to the world itselfs would be better... Thank you for the comment and i'm glad i didn't totally waste your time :P

Thank you! Nice to see someone actually liked my game :P "Self-esteem + 1"

It's really great to look at, fun idea and nice music/sound effects! I don't know if it was a joke but Sudoku is a puzzle, maybe you where thinking of : Seppuku (If it was a joke, lol) but that isn't really a problem.. loved it!