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Naah, don't be! It's my fault for making it so unclear

The goal is to kill the enemy cards in one turn, normally you can reset at the top... I know this game lacks a tutorial, hoped the game will be like "learn as you go" but yeah... failed at that, the black and white theme was a game mechanic added to later levels, there will be portals that go to the dark realm but it's hard to explain.... Thank you for playing though!

I played this game yesterday but couldn't write a comment cuz had to go but: Loved the art, it's amazing, love the 3 items, they are very fun to use but when having a box on a spring it's really hard to get back on, sometimes I had to try for a full minute untill I finally could hop on again, the fan is a fun idea to but wish it would lift you up a bit faster cuz when restarting a level and when you need to go up a section it became boring really fast but all in all, very fun game!

Sometimes you can connect dots with dots that already are green, don't know if that's a feature or a bug but yeah, that means you do not have to connect every dot cuz the green dot counts to, but all in all, fun game! Good job

Yeah, I hoped the game would be clear without real tutorial but I guess it's better to do that in the future! And  yeah for some reason that portal level is bugged but still can't figure out why D: but I hope you still enjoyed the game, thank you for playing!

It's weird why that portal level glitches out, i'm sorry for that :( I still don't know what causes it but thank you for playing! Hope you somewhat enjoyed it!

In Unity? Really easy, open up a 3D game project, put some blocks in, then add an empty game object, put a SpriteRenderer in it with sprite selected, give it a Box/Circle/Whatever Collider and then if you want to add a Rigidbody, just add a Rigidbody, not a Rigidbody2D, that doesn't matter

Even though it's obvious all the art is open game art, you made it integrate into the game by describing the characteristics, etc, it's a fun idea, good job! Just be sure when using that much Open Game art again if it needs a link to the art, I think that some of the assets needed to have a link to it and be credited, but good, just keep that in mind, 'Free Assets' isn't enough, or did I miss other credits?

Yeah it's 3D, I gave 2.5D a go, wanted to model an arena but ran out of time... And yeah, I'm happy with the sounds! The thing on the players shoulder it this shoulder armor, idk if it would actually work but thought it would look kinda cool... And no, I'm already developing another jam game, Hideout Besiege, further and after that I want to just keep joining jams untill I find a new fun game concept!

:O lemme check it out

Wow, wish I could write like that, you should really make a visual novel for a jam once! :D

I liked the game! Could have some more diverse gameplay though, like maybe having to dodge random creatures creeping into your shop or have it like "Overcooked" that you need to first do all sorts of stuff with the items, so you need to juggle multiple stuff, but the lack of these things will probably be because of the time limit, nevertheless great job!

haha, don't worry man :p i'm already remaking the game with more buttons and stuff so there will be a version where those stuff are in the game :3

Yeah, indeed, it was probably a bit to hard :p after play testing it so long myself I didn't think about people that never player it before :|

Thank you! And yeah this was for the 2 button game jam so I could only two buttons, because of that I decided that you couldn't go back, and yeah again, i'll improve the game with more buttons after the jam ratings are over so that you can normally jump and go backwards, etc

Normally when hiding behind a box, you could hide from  enemy shots, and like shoot, hide, shoot hide untill they die, didn't know you could shoot trough boxes tho :/ thanks for playing and i'm glad you had fun!

I can't explain how much I adore this, this is great! really, this game cracked me up!

Yeah, I tried to implement some platforming even when you couldn't jump, but i'm glad that you enjoyed it

That wouldn't be allowed though, because you couldn't use mouse position, so although that would indeed be good, it wouldn't be allowed

Thank you! Did my best :3

Good job man! I played until wave 15 because I was already playing for a decent amount of time, dang you really got me with this game, very good! an enemy that was designed the way so you didn't want to shoot or some kind of heating mechanic so you have to wait if you shoot to much but it was cool though, I found myself just pushing the left mouse button the whole game but apart from that, well done!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, hoped I could add more paths and ways to beat the level but it seems like I somewhat did it, again thank you for playing!

Love it man, I really like the 3D player model, well done!

Oh that's right, you can charge your shots, forgot about that...

It's a really fun game! Well done!

I really liked the game! It has some cool things to it, my only "problem" is, why do you have a button for shooting? since there is no ammo, i wouldn't see a reason not to shoot, so I clicked the shoot button non-stop, if you would've made shooting automatic you had another button to do another action, but all in all, fun game!

It's a fun and good looking game! Just one question, why adding a button for shooting? I found myself just spamming that button because you don't have ammo, why wouldn't you use it then? maybe make the character shoot automatically and you could preserve a button for a more interesting action!

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I myself would call myself an "artist" now, I got some tips from friends on how to make bad art so if anyone needs ideas on how to make bad art:

1) draw with your non-dominant hand

2)draw with your eyes closed

3)draw with a timer (like, draw the game character in 1 minute)

4) grab one of your old toddler drawings and redraw that

5) draw with a mouse

6) Do all 5 at the same time

Hopefully that will be enough to draw programmer art!

because of the enemy gun shots? Try hiding behind boxes! 

Very fun game! The graphics are stunning and love the concept!

Oh no, I reached Insanium and then the game crashed D: It was really fun! this is a really cool game, love it

I liked the "Hot potato" with the radioactive stick but you should really inform the player that you can pick it up again, have been struggling with that for 3 minutes before realizing

I liked it! Some more diverse gameplay could be made but the art was really fun to look at, next time try to spend more time on the game itself and less on the visuals, try to have a balance but for the first game jam game ever, well done!

Yeah, apparently that animation doesn't want to show up with some people, some people were also missing a back animation so need to see how that happens, I myself don't have that problem... to bad :/ but thank you for playing!

I love the 2.5D, I want to see more games both 2D and 3D, should make one myself now i'm thinking bout it, but overall it was pretty fun, good art, the only thing I would change is those "piranha plants" that shoot, they shoot WAY to fast, but for the rest, well done

Yeah the walk is a bit off, tried correcting it but maybe speeding up will work! and shadows are a fun idea, but not on top of my list, but i'll see when i'll work at this game again, thank you for playing!

Yes they do count, as long as it isn't like alt-f4 or any other device shortcuts, buttons like "start game" or menu buttons ARE counted

The art is great, like really really great, I love the idea to, I feel bad that not many people have seen this game cuz it gud!

this is just a test build :P many things you mentioned will still chance! Maybe I Need to make a button to turn the camera shake off, good idea! 

I like the game! Good job, great art btw, love the fire breathing