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The positive comments are nice, however not all of them are so true.
You did quite a good job on programming, since it was your first VN, but it was honestly pretty weak story wise. Would recommend you to focus MORE on the story if you wanna keep doing visual novels. Both, the choices and story weren't realistic, characters weren't really captivaiting either. None of them had real personality, I get it, it's a short game, but the way MC reacted and/or thought was unrealistic.
Hope you don't mind the honest feedback, good luck with future projects.

really short, but beautiful game, was hoping for more than 2 endings, but I'm more than satisfied with the good ending, good job^^

Beautiful game, loved the art and music, however I didn't like the voice acting at all, it sounded rather fake.

It was a pretty cute story, love it^^

Uhhh... is it only me or that Kumiho REALLY looks like Ahri? xD
I'm not really into GxG stuff, but I saw "Ahri" and I just couldn't resist.. the game was really sweet and kinda funny - I loved it.

I absolutely love this game and I can't wait for next chapter!
The question is if the choices from other chapters will affect the story in any way..? Like will there be a menu where we choose our choices from the last chapter? I don't really know how to express the thing I'm trying to say in english - I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm struggling really hard with this language- I hope you get what I'm trying to say, if not, I'm really sorry for confusing you;;