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A member registered Jan 27, 2017

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really short, but beautiful game, was hoping for more than 2 endings, but I'm more than satisfied with the good ending, good job^^

Beautiful game, loved the art and music, however I didn't like the voice acting at all, it sounded rather fake.

It was a pretty cute story, love it^^

Created a new topic Amazing game

Pretty sure I got the VERY TRUE ending...? Amazing game, creepred the heall out of me though;;
Ahhh, I still have chills.. YOU are probably a genius, but I was wondering if there's a real real good ending for me, myself and Yuri? Trust me, I tried everything, including deleting some files, heh heh... I was honestly hoping I'd get a Yuri ending after ALL this creepy stuff, but it doesn't seem like there's one..?;;;
I loved it, but I ALSO LOVE YURI!

Jk, wonderful game, but like... REALLY CREEPY 

Uhhh... is it only me or that Kumiho REALLY looks like Ahri? xD
I'm not really into GxG stuff, but I saw "Ahri" and I just couldn't resist.. the game was really sweet and kinda funny - I loved it.

I absolutely love this game and I can't wait for next chapter!
The question is if the choices from other chapters will affect the story in any way..? Like will there be a menu where we choose our choices from the last chapter? I don't really know how to express the thing I'm trying to say in english - I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm struggling really hard with this language- I hope you get what I'm trying to say, if not, I'm really sorry for confusing you;;