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will there be a guide of some sort to help dumbasses like me ?

Thank you for fixing the glitch! I need to know, is there a guide for the love interest ? Or is going to be released after the game is completed ? (sorry for my english-)

aaa it helped thank uu~~~ ^^

this game is rlly good!!! is rlly enjoyable, i rlly like making the clothes and dressing the character up!! i hope caine arrives in this version, i rlly like his design~! you're doing a gr8 job!!

is not loading im sad TT

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MY GAME SHUT DOWN RIGHT AFTER I GOT THE BAD ENDING IM??? is there something that happens??? im curious heLP

EDIT.: Okay so, is this a bug?? i got all the endings, and then she went to check on the classroom, right after she says something the game just shut down??

Hi, im not sure if you still respond to comments but i need help, i've been trying to get runaway lovers but im only getting broken promise or truth revealed, does emma's boyfriend has any effect on the route ? Or i need an certain stat for that ? I've already maximize trust and management a few times with the affectionate trait yet still nothing...Sorry for the mistakes.