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well I made this with gamemaker :) however I'm learning unity right now and I find that to be better. Thanks for playing :) <3

What a nice and relaxing game.. Good job! :)


I'm a former GameMaker user but decided to change my game engine to Unity just a couple of weeks ago. I must say its absolutely amazing and I do not plan on going back to GameMaker anytime soon. ;) 

However, something I did notice in the very beginning was that it was kind of tricky writing the code (I use C#) because in GameMaker everything is kind of given to you. In Unity C#, you have to be a little more careful of making silly mistakes. 

So I have a pretty good hang of it now but I must know, any Unity users out there, how long did it take you to either (1) feel like you've mastered writing the code for the most part (whether you write in C# or JAVA) or (2) how long did it take you to write your first game?


Fully agree, and thanks for commenting :)

Nice and simple... and I fully agree :)

yes I have and I absolutely love them :D one of my favorite gaming-related YouTube videos so far. Thanks for commenting :)

Makes sense.. I'll look into it :) and thank you! 

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Hello Everyone :) 

I go by LilacRoses here, I'm black, 16, and from New York City. And I LOVE to code and make games (obviously or I couldn't be here :P)

Something that I noticed on itch.io is how there aren't really that many girls or women on itch.io. 

That's not a problem, or an issue. Girls just don't tend to take on or take interest into things like these. And that's okay! We can be interested in whatever we want to be interested in, but that's my opinion. I just wanted to say that because I find it annoying when people try to use the "women are oppressed" card to justify the fact that most of us just aren't interested in it. 

But I am! ;) And this topic is just so I can meet other female coders out there who have this interest, BUT THIS DOES NOT EXCLUDE MEN FROM COMMENTING HERE ALSO!! If you are a male and want to express your opinion on this subject (because it seems to be pretty common among coders) or just say a little hello feel free :)

Have a nice day everyone! :)


This is so cool I honestly especially love the typing task, that's so cool :) nice job! <3

This was actually really fun :) And for 48 hours its actually a really cool game! good job! :D

This is actually a really cool little game :) Maybe adding a tad bit of color and some music would really make it better. good job!

Very interesting, I thought it was cute. Maybe you can make the girl look different for each person though, to add a bit of a surprise effect to it

Okay so I just downloaded and played this game and.... This is absolutely AMAZING! I've never seen a 3D game so adorable in my life, I loved every moment of it. Great Job! I haven't found any bugs yet but ill be sure to tell you if I find anything.

But other than that, wonderful job! You and whoever worked on it all deserve a pat on the back! <3 <3 <3

I got to wave 7! This is really cool, and the graphics are adorable :)

Nice job :) The controls are a little bit of a hassle though but I like it 

Theres actually this game that I play called Super Phantom Cat 2. The art style and everything just makes me really happy, its so beautiful. There are also a lot of meditation apps and coloring apps that work pretty damn well too. Hope this helps :) <

Nope no damage, this game isn't a serious project so it was just something to add a little something to the game for fun. And thanks :) (I think your username is funny)

Haha thanks so much I appreciate it <3

This is actually really cute, but I think you should make the gravity a bit less so its easier to move around.

Good game though. :)

This is really interesting. I love the message at the end :)

Thanks so much for the support and bug report, I appreciate it :)

thanks for the bug report. Yeahh I was going to make a WASD feature but I had changed my mind :P I'll fix that as soon as possible, and thanks for trying :)

Seems to be some issues with moving, but it seems really interesting. Good job. :)

the graphics are really beautiful. I have a couple of issues jumping over the trees, it gets stuck at the top. Also, some music in the background won't hurt. Just an idea. ;)

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Thanks for playing :) Thanks for the bug report too, I actually fixed it and updated the file. Thanks for the support <3

I like this a lot actually. I hope its not as accurate as people would think...

I really like this game :) Very relaxing and simplistic. great job <3

Very cute :) good job!

I loved it it was so interesting... keep it up :)

Nice game! :) I find it to be hilarious and sweet! Keep it up, and happy birthday to your son!

This game is adorable! :3 Love it, great job and wonderful art style <3

i honestly did love the game :) but it was impossible for me to pass that reaper!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much <3 :)

I love it! I would love to know what did you use to make this game! :)