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Okay then, hope development goes smoothly

Thanks for making this man, this looks like a good game!

That was great.

It sure is :)

I couldn't open the door in the cave.

That was pretty good.

If anyone is stuck on the puzzle, notice who the message is from...

Tried using a PS4 controller, but it doesn't move up or down for some reason, just left and right.

That was really cool to check out!

That ending was a neat twist!

What's the password though?

I tried to make it past day 5, but for some reason the day cycle glitched and it remained night, but I was playing on the browser version, so it was still good nonetheless.

I think I found a bug where if you die when you press shift, the game loads slower

Thank you

Yeah, especially if you start with wasted bullets, I struggled with it constantly though until I figured you didnt need to load the entire cartridge, just do the first four and you're fine.

I didn't realize I literally couldn't quit until it was too late, so I started it again and then finished when he smiled, that's a brilliant detail.

The ending scared me a little, but good twist

Small bug, but in the intro when you get to the airlock you can walk outside, pretty good game though.