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Thanks! We definitely thought of that but didn't have time, maybe in the future!

It says failed to load Mono data, seems like you're missing the Mono folder :/

This is a beautiful game. It might just be on the first level but on restart, the music starts again overlapping itself, I didn't mind it though. Really impressed by the art and the use of lighting is quite genius

Probably need all the files, not just exe :/

I think you need to upload all files not just the exe

Nice, very pretty and reminds me a bit of the Talos Principle. I couldn't get past the last room tho, but I like the robot

Looks like you need to upload all game files, not just the exe :/

It's been an honor serving with you, mr. spider xD Very cute

Physics are a bit wonky and game is very cheatable but fun nonetheless. I had a blast just sprinting and jumping laughable distances that probably weren't intended

Niice I'm a starcraft nerd so I love games like this. Health bars would be a necessity though!

Lol idk why I love picking up coins so much, I just love that sound. Got to over 10k before I stopped. Also you can just wait for the shooter to run out then it's much easier

Beat it :) Nice work, it's tough to make puzzle games imo

Very fun xD Killing dudes with the rock is the best part. Only criticism is it's inconvenient playing in a browser as you frequently click offscreen.

Dang the music and sound design for this game are POPPIN'! I love the cute art too!

Haha it's unreal how much this game made me feel like a dog chasing after random stuff

5* for the title though :D Just add enemies or projectiles and it would be cool interesting gameplay

I'm the freakin bean lord no one can stop me. loved it

We have now uploaded the fixed version with all 3 levels for people to try out if they want :)

Incredibly polished, one of the best games I've played in the jam, awesome job!

Thank you - I need more green blender monkey validation in my life

I love the art, everything looks so good including the tooltips which were a great touch. I noticed a couple bugs, 1) When I pressed R at one point it changed the state of the game to something I think is unintended, and 2) When you go to water the second symbol if there's already plants there, you have to cut them and wait for new ones to grow in the same place before they'll turn purple. 

Also if you've cut one of the plants in the symbol but watered others, it looks like a plant will never grow back in that spot so you can't progress :/ Otherwise one of the most polished games I've seen yet, great job!

Hey nice touch with the epilepsy warning, a lot of devs wouldn't have thought to put that in

Yeah we had two more levels that didn't make it in. We'll update it after the jam for anyone who's interested :)

Sweet, I'd love to see it!

Came back to say I played about 50 jam games today, this one was my favorite. Awesome job!

I love the customer models xD

Another idea that might help with that is adding some kind of indicator to show which kind of food you should pick up now to get in control, if there was one I didn't see it :)

I had $4xx dollars but the spooks got me before I could nuke x''(  Curse you keyloggers!!

Yeah we didn't have time to make victory music xD

Funny, original and I love the art, ran into a game ending bug though! After he talked to himself about drawing it threw a fatal error. Also midway through there were text wrapping issues so the text would run out of the box off the screen leaving some words unreadable.

Nice UI and great menus, probably the best options I've seen in any of these games

Praise for in-game text tips. I think it would really benefit the experience if the movement speed was faster.

Best horror game of the jam O.O Language options were pretty funny ngl

Cool and original concept, but man is it hard to see those letters! That's the number one thing I think would improve the experience is letter visibility

I love the premise, really cool physics idea with the ball. I'd be interested to see a full fledged puzzle platformer out of this!

Doesn't run, says the .pck file is missing :/

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Simple yet fun. Great job with the particles/feedback. Fantastic touch adding a 2p mode as well. This is definitely one of my favorites I've played

I'm always a fan of 2p games. Might be a good idea to also increase score for shooting other player, otherwise I don't see what the point of shooting them is. Took me a while to notice the UI at the top as well. I like the art and music