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Cool. A bit confusing at first but once I got a hang of the controls not too hard.

Very creepy and abrupt, though somewhat subtle and terrifying at the same time.

Very creepy... I like it though. The sudden loud noises and screen shake made me uncomfortable, but I think that contributed to the atmosphere. Perfect for October!!

Simple and adorable. I very much enjoyed this.

Really good! To say that the visuals are awesome would be an understatement. I haven't even heard the sound yet (just played it muted), but I bet it's awesome too. All in all an amazing games, saving this for sure.

Cool spin on the classic dodger game, I haven't beaten it yet but I like it so far. The story text and music are both nice too. I like the color choice. Overall the game and presentation is very clean and of good quality :)

Pretty simple. I would have liked a little background tune. Also I wish there were an ending where the Mahzuns and the humans lived together peacefully. I  don't really like how it has to end  in segregation or violence; I feel like that isn't a good message. I really like the compact design and aesthetics though.

You know I never thought of Adventure when I was  making this, my mind was stuck on Rogue haha. Maybe I should add some Easter eggs, then it'd really be like Adventure ;)

Thanks for the compliments, yeah it could  definitely  use more mechanics. I just wanted to get it in before  the deadline though haha.  I'll add  that to the list of things to improve upon 👍

Haha I can imagine. Thanks  :)

I want more!! This was adorable and I feel like there could be so much to do with the concept!

Fun and simple. I wish the last boss had a bit better tells and that more puzzles actually required you to use the items you find, but overall great.

This is a relaxing way to spend a few minutes

Just starting: "What? A rouge-like and a gardening game mixed together? This can't work"

Fifteen minutes in: "OK so I just plant stuff, come back later and make money?"


10/10 would garden again

Pretty cool, took me a minute to figure out how to actually build towers but from then on it was smooth sailing.  It's a bit slow for me, but I really like the concept

The music is eerie and the game is fun. My only complaint is that I can't load my save just before leaving the island to go back and beat the monster. 

That was fun! Don' t think I'll be beating hard mode any time soon though haha. Great game

Got to 25! It's simple and fun, I like it :)

Things got real crazy real fast

This is SO MUCH FUN! Mess around with the custom settings to make it crazy! Really great to play with a friend and see who can win first!

Really fun, played it alongside my brother and had a good time

That got craaaazy. Wow so many upgrades and bullets and OPTIONS FTW!

That was cool. short and sweet

Yessss!! Took me nearly 40 minutes, that was awesome! That surprise at what I thought was the end totally caught me off guard, that was great!

That was pretty fun :) I really liked the flame particles on the torches. The only thing I didn't like was the sound effect on the double jump; it didn't sound right to me

That's crazy, when I started to actually see stuff I was totally weirded out!

This is really good! I don't really understand how covering up light helps grass grow, but I don't really care since the game is fun! It's also  interesting to see somewhat creepy game made in Pico-8

This is great! The free-form nature of the puzzles allows for multiple solutions, the art is superb, and the core mechanic is definitely a fun one! Just wish there was sound, but I can live without it considering that  it's a jam game. Seriously though, I think this has the potential to be made into a full commercial game.

Awww that ending

This is adorable, I love the pineapple and the Easter Island head,  it reminds of Spongebob haha.

I like the colors, the sound, and the mood it evokes. However, I think it could have done with a resolution after all the items were collected. In fact, I half expected the character to give up their own life at the very end (I'm no expert at this subject but it seemed like they were preparing for suicide). Ultimately I think this was very interesting though.

This is short, creepy, and interesting. It has fitting music, art, and mood even for such a short experience. That's really good!

Is this a demo? I only understand English so I can't read the text, but I like the idea of three  playable characters. It reminds  me of Castlevania 3. The checkpoints are nice. I can't wait to see what the characters sprites will look like when they're done

This is really good, I just wanna make all the monsters and watch them fight!

Thank you! I've been on a bit of a game making binge lately, so maybe I will :)

HTML, hope that helps

I love the color, the music, and the message. Very good imo.

Really like it so far, but it froze on me after I picked up a bomb behind the emergency gate. Other than that I like how simple and direct it is.

This is cute. I love the colors and how simple it is. The ending was a bit sad though ;_;