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That Entendo and Entendo Swap just made my day! Love the update and can't wait for more of it!

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That's to great know! I'll be waiting for the public version then.

Seriously, when I first stumbled to this game I thought "Hey a VN, I'll try it because I don't have anything to do at the moment." and I did. Man that ending of the Nerus and Shax just left me dumbfounded (I just seriously just stared at the game for five minutes before I continued playing). This VN is one of a kind and I'll be looking forward to this! Good job!!!

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The game always crashes on me. Like when it starts launching it will show the frog and the logo then suddenly blacks out. Can someone help me with it? I've read the FAQs' and I don't see any wrong my part.

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Well then we're in same spot XD

It's great to know that a fellow Filipino makes a VN about furries! And don't say your a failure at being being one just because you don't speak nor understand most of the language, it does not define you as a failure.

This game appeared many times now to me and this caught my interest and so far from what I can see it looks great!

Oh and are you by any chance a Filipino?

Im loving the game so far and I can't help but feel the vibe of playing undertale! Good job with that and keep up the good work man!

Just a question... Will the public version would be this much late on update or will it be like one update late like other VN do?

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Man this game looks amazing. At first I just brushed this off but I've taken a liking to it especially now that you added the newest expression of Chris.  I mean who doesn't like a geeky upperclassmen with hyper active personality? Keep up the awesome work!

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Im having problem at downloading both Android and Pc version. It always says that its "forbidden".

Edit: Nevermind...I just downloaded it XD

You know the feeling of anger to the point of you just wanting to shred and tear someone to pieces?

Well that's what I feel towards Takehiko...Ugh it's frustrating that you can't even kill him because he's just a fictional character. And even mentioning to Yuuichi about not having dad in a household? Dude that's a low blow! Though I can't judge him fully yet because I don't know he's story but still that's just harsh. 

Great job at making this! Can't wait for the next update for Shoichi!

Damn..that update is a good one! And I kinda hate it when they saw Shoichi after their exams but...what can I do right? Its the game wants and I still love it!

Great Job for this!!

Im liking the game s o far! There's alot potential and its quite enjoyable. The cg's looks awesome. Though is there gonna be a route for Kailan's dad? I just noticed that their relationship as father and son is questionable.....I mean who lets their 19 year old sit on their lap like a child? Im not critizing it but I find it weird and personally Im all for a route for it!

Is there any way to buy this game besides using a paypal account or credit card? I would love to download this if we have those things..

I personally think its a bit short but the scenes makes up for it. The last scene especially that god forsaken cliff hanger is a bit too much for me. Im quite excited for the next update! Keep up the good work.

Thanks but Im using the default keyboard and it won't let me type the answers.

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Having problem on typing things from Chester's route. The one before going to the convention and the Mc is packing his things. And there's a bunch of missing sprites for Spencer's route.Im using android btw.


Where can I find the materials for upgrading the house? I'm searching for it some quite time now and can't still find it. Or is it not implemented yet as of now?

I felt what you were trying to express in this update. I relate so much that I remembered my first relationship. I was like Yuuichi when I started to feel something a friend of mine who is my boyfriend now. You really caught the feeling there!

This book is one of the best and Im really loving it! You're doing a great job!

I was quite shock that when I start a new game, that scene popped up XD

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Oh well then XD

To be fair I didn't download the version 0.24 so I didn't see the comments.

Yeah XD 

Though like I said it was teased before just the whole version.

It's uhm....Different so to speak and it was teased before by WOTB but just the full version.

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First with Shoichi....and now Jun? all visual novels that I've read...out of all the routes that I've played from said novels.This is the best VN I have ever played and I congratulate you for it!

You're skills at writing this is just impeccable. Im excited to see the full version of this and how many changes it will undergo!

(Ps. I saw something that is probably a teaser thing and Im pretty excited for the next update and WOTB you're a sneaky thing to hide such things!! I can't believe no one had ever found it or even mentioned it XD)

Im trying to download the pc version. Though I did finally download it but not in my computer but rather from my phone en transfer it to my pc. 

I've been trying to download this game but it always stops near the end.... Is this a problem for me only?

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How do I get Griff's event in day 2?

Ps. Im loving this right now!

Mhm...I guess that tru

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Well I found the files when I extracted the game on android version and I was looking if there's a new cg (or its been in the files but not attainable) for Shoichi and I come across with this cg.

I don't know how to get it though.

So I was looking through the files and I saw of a version of Shoichi naked on day 13. When you were offered to share a bed with him. 

Is this really a thing on the game or is it just on the files? 

If it is can anyone tell me how to get it? 

I've been trying to get it with no luck.

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First time in my life since I've played visual novels....that a scene made me cry...

I just finished it and...I feel heavy and I would cry again at some point right now. The look of Shoichi's face is heart breaking and I can't handle that.

This update is the most emotional one so far for me and...Im super excited for the next update.

This one is amazing and you did an amazing job.

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful update!

You did it! I like... no..I absolutely love the new update for Shoichi.Keep it up and Good work as always!! 

Same  my parents actually looked at me weirdly cuz I started squealing while I'm on the sofa sitting next to them😂😂

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Need More Shoichiiiiiii!! I really love the new CG😍😍

Keep up the awesome work! 

So....While I'm playing this game and I tried all of the routes....I have a theory about who is Mark really's too obvious to not see it actually but I'll wait for the future updates to see.Anyway great game! And I love Gil's personality! Keep it up,!

Well its okay now.I don't know what happened but I got it downloaded anyway thank you for taking your time to read this.And do your best as always. (PS. I cant wait for Shoichi's Route) 

Well I'll try again and see what happens.I will tell you the problem if there is. 

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I indeed download directly from Itch but whenever it is finished it always says that "the package...." something that I can't remember.I know this is not much of information but I kind of forgotten what it says.