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You have to use skeletal animation, pixelart rules kind of don't works well for sprites with so high-resiolution

Pretty nice game!

Cool graphics, but it would be better if you'll transtlate the game or point in the description that this game is in Spanish.

It is awful, the only nice thing in this app is music and preview a little bit.

I use monosnap to capture .mp4, it takes lower storage and than other apps.

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Christmas  is coming! It's time to give out gifts! Right now, get in the sleigh, harness deer and fly into the night, giving out gifts! Receive the candys as you progress through the game. Break records, sharew your highscores in the social networks and unlock new characters. Change Santa's usual sleigh to a yellow submarine, a rocket, and even a sandwich. Gettin' ready for Christmas! The game will not leave anyone indifferent. New Year mood is guaranteed!


If you have any questions about the development process or the game, ask me here

UPD: I don't know why it's underlined

It is wonderful RPG!

Epic RPG with strategy and platformer Elements

Go on an epic adventure on the Skeleton island! You have to: swim on ships and boats, open chests with gold and fight with skeletons! Participate in hardcore battles, duels on the mast and explore the island of pirates! 

This game is suitable for fans of RPG and people interested in pirates.