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Ah I just saw this,, it's a bummer it'll never be finished but that's okay if this project wore you down because you can do write other things! I'm wishing you luck and happines! also I followed you on twitter, I'm Pensirru^^

I'm so sorry that, November doesn't goes smoothly, it's the same for me as well, sometimes life just happen, and self care is good to replenish energy after such burn out! (oot- but, you watch regular show too?? That show always make me happy :D!) Also, I can't wait for the game after seeing those snippets πŸ’—

Finally have the time to play it! It's fun seeing other characters in this universe! I can't wait for the finished game! 

AND ALSO THE GUI!!! IT"S SO NICE!!! I love it so much ahhh the changing opening it's really nice and refreshing to see!

Oh!! I can't wait to play this!! Love the original gameπŸ’•πŸ’•

Ahh??  you'll do that for me?? thank you so much πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“!! Wah--!! if you wanna frame it- now I wanna redo it aaaa- and make more uuu;;; 

Sadly I don't use Twitter much, but I'd try to keep update there! Yeah, I already used the walkthrough because I keep getting friend ending lol XD

Ahh!! Yeah!! I saw it!! And I've made fanart for your game tooπŸ’“

True, he's too mysterious and with his bangs closing his eyes made me can't read him too much and I just keep picking choice where I just said "..maybe he wants to?? but probably not??" so yes,,  XD (probably why I got the friend ending lol)

OOOHHHH-!!! I'd love to see the sequel <3 I like reading your stories, please keep 'em coming!! (only if you have time for it aaaa-)

I loved it!! And I also love your art!! it really suit the story! I love how cheery the mc is and I'm the same as her, I can't read what the Villain really think about :"D Overall this is a nice, fluff story, and I wish to read more about them and perhaps expanded more on their universe too? (I think about the history regarding princess that help villain through friendship is really nice and original!)

I love how cute this is!! except for that one guy.. also the secret ending!!! I love it!!

I hope I could see more of your works in the future!

It's been a long time that a visual novel really pull my heartstrings lately, at first I thought this was going to be short like most free vn I usually found but then I'm intrigued because after an hour I still haven't finished and end up taking all night to finish it. and I don't have any regrets doing that.

I really love the plot twist in the story, lots of choices and how each characters interacted, and the first ending I got is NR 11 and I was on dilemma to go for other endings because it was the perfect ending for me and I don't want to change it and Xander is hands down the best man, because I love how dramatic he is with his words towards his beloved.

I really hope to see more of your works in the future!