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Not in observable future :(

Hey it's available from the .tic cart in the downloads section. Open it in the program, press `Esc` > `Exit to TIC-80`. Web version works too but it doesn't save changes.

Thanks. Too bad about the implementation :|

There will! I wanted to make something like this for a while, this jam was mostly an excuse to start. 

Thank for taking your time to write this! I agree on most points, especially block pushing. This game is still affected by choices made during the jam in lack of time or a plan. Strangely, comments on difficulty now are the opposite of what the early version received, even though most of its levels made  it into the current build. Guess it was related to the learning curve rather than puzzles. Anyway, thanks a lot for the feeedback.

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Clicking everything didn't help, guess I need a manual to play this :| I don't see any balls or the gray thing at bottom, like in the screenshots, only black lines and buttons.


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Nope, I messed up. A lot of people said the same about the difficulty on the LD page. One level was broken too, now it's fixed. I've recorded a walkthrough: [edit: there's only LD levels], maybe it can help.

Good idea.

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The counter at top of the page says "Submission open from to May 2nd 2018 at 11:00 AM"

Further in the description it's  "Games must be made and submitted between: March 28th, 12:00 AM EST to April 3th, 11:59 PM EST"

Which one is correct?

It runs out of memory with my 2GB RAM + 2GB swap.