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This game was one of the cutest games that I've played in a while, from the design elements to the character interactions. 

Well done.~

~When a game makes you want to laugh and cry at some parts, and you generally aren't very emotional, you know it's good.~

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I honestly adored this game, especially the second portion and all of the background that it gave us. The atmosphere that you set up, the tension that could be felt when looking around each corner, waiting for the silence to be broken. All of your characters felt pretty realistic, especially Haru and Yukio. 

Oh, Yukio, I could go on about him and how attached I became to his character over the course of the game. I would adore a future project featuring him and his future after the game, honestly, he is just such a honey and deserves more happiness.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you have crafted a story that I thoroughly enjoyed and that I'll surely recommend.

Best of luck in all of your creative endevours!~