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Liam Winterdale

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Just finished playing the demo~ Ahh, I don't know where to start! I had so much fun! All the characters are interesting and cute in their own way! After getting to know them better, I conclude that my favorite is Ginger, but then I realize that he's not romanceable yet!! Ahhh, I really hope we can reach his stretch goal! Let us unite our wads of cash for this campaign!! For the love of Ginger!! > <)/

Anyway~ other than some minor typos and grammatical issues, the demo is awesome! The characters will be voiced somewhere down the road, right? If so, looking forward to it in the final game! If not, then I'm sad. Ban's VA in that YT intro has such a nice voice to listen to~ ;w; 

Oh and, I hope there's a delete feature for saves and loads as well in the final game, like in Seiyuu Danshi! It'd be nice to organize our saves and stuff ^w^ But yeah, all in all~ amazing demo! There are a lot of visible improvements compared to that of Seiyuu Danshi and I am so happy for you guys! You've come so far!! *^*)/ Will there ever be a remaster of Seiyuu Danshi? ;;D

Now, I'mma go and pledge to the campaign~ I know this game is gonna be amazing, so I would happily part with my money! Onwards to Patreon I go~~ >w<)/

EDIT;; lol nope, nevermind. Paypal is being a jackass and won't allow me to do monthly subscription without a credit card. I guess I'll just do a one time payment through here then, sometime next month. Ahh, and here I was looking forward for some Seiyuu Danshi After Stories perks too. Just my luck, I guess. My luck is just rotten this month, honestly, so I'm no longer surprised by this point x'DD

I'm so hyped, I can't-- Why you gotta hype us up whilst we're still in waiting? It's agonizing x'DD 

1) What content would you like to see in streams?

I'm still waiting on that writing stream you promised ;;D Also, maybe some little art tutorial will be nice? Not sure if that's doable tho and might disturb the artist's workflow, so just the usual is good enough for me. Chatting with you guys with amazing art in view and good music in the background? Perfection *^*)b

(Also psstt. maybe if everything is about Minami, I would be over the moon ;;D)

2) Where do you think the twins and Rei are going for their date?

I'm not all that familiar with them and frankly they scare the shit out of me (lol). Never been a fan of threesome routes (I get jealous easily and subconsciously play favorites), so I'm totally not the route's demographic. Minami's more my thing. I like playing top protagonists. Yay, go figure. Please tell me your next games have more purely bottom love interests, not just one. Or just give the player the liberty to choose or something, like in Seiyuu Danshi ;w; 

Anyway~ enough about me being pathetic. I'm guessing they'd go somewhere thrilling? Like getting it on in the darkness of a haunted house (the amusement park kind) or something, I dunno (lol). They're fuckheads, after all uwu"

3) Where do you think Minami and Rei are at?

The aquarium? Since you guys talked about glass cracking and water spilling out everywhere in the stream. Just a guess xD Either way~ I'm so excited for their date!  Wohoo!! >w<)/ 

4) Which option would you pick for the story teaser? 

C) “No training seminars please…”

I'd choose B if Rei were the one who top him, but since he's (most likely) not, I'd go with C. Not A because I'm fine with being cooped up. Not D because I love guessing~ so C it is! Even a seminar nerd like me won't go to one for a date uwu"

With that all said and done, I wish you some more best of luck with the game development~! Cheers!! >w<)/

Alrighty. Thank you~ ^w^

Howl, can you not trample on our sensitive emotions please? It's still raw uwu' 

Anyway~ Howl aside, I'm glad you didn't cancel the campaign entirely! Doing it through Patreon sounds nice as well, though I understand that it's not ideal from your perspective. We'll make it work! By the way, out of curiosity, will we still have to pay for the game even if we pledge $100 or more for the campaign? No free copy? I seem to remember devs offering free copies for high pledges. It's fine either way. Just wanna make sure ^w^

Haha yeah, I sorta figured. It all comes down to preferences, but since you've marketed it as "It's all in your hands!", I thought it'd be nice if we have player input during the scenes, like in Tocchan's hot spring date where the player can either choose to put it in or being the one done. That was nice, so I was confused why there were no player input during Shiba and Toru's hot spring dates (probably because it's not about actual sex?). I haven't played Hikaru and Shuu's routes up to that point, thus I dunno if they have the options or not. Basically, since you've marketed it that way, I think it's a given to have player input during these scenes. I was disappointed yes, not gonna lie. But I'll still play Banana Ranch because this particular think doesn't impact whether I wanna play the game or not. I just wish the marketing is honest about the top and bottom thing not being a full player input (when it comes to personal dom/sub preferences anyway). If I had known, then I wouldn't have felt confused by the lack of prefences input in Seiyuu Danshi, haha (we have that during/after foreplay mode, so why not in the story itself?). I realized then that SD MC isn't a skin where the player can slip into, despite the player could name him whatever they want. 

I hope I got my point across. So yeah, just something to take into consideration. I'll still support you guys regardless. I'm a budding game developer myself, so I don't play for the sake of playing alone. I play games to learn as well. Seiyuu Danshi has inspired me a lot, so I'm thankful for that. Despite being flawed here and there (and I'm not just talking about the dom/sub thing), the mechanics are enjoyable and hold a lot of potential. I'm excited to see how you guys will improve from here on. Banana Ranch seems promising, like seriously, I can't wait for the demo! > w <)/ And I'm already in love with Cotton and Moocha, so there's no way I can leave this game unplayed now ;w;

Again, best of luck with the game development ^ w ^)/

Happy it's up now! I'm so looking forward to the demo! > w <)

"Will you make Ban be the TOP or BOTTOM in the relationship? It’s all in your hand!"

Okay then, you promised~ ;D I'm not looking forward to another one of Haato's case where he gets all uke even though I played a purely seme route, like in Shiba's route during the hot spring date. Any other seme would just calm him down or something, not get all hot and bothered. Either explicitly state the protagonist is a seke or commit to the game mechanics you promised, please. 

I like Seiyuu Danshi and I'm so eager to support you guys, so I sincerely hope for further improvement. Best of luck with the game development! ^w^)/

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I agree to most of your points (except for MC's high-pitched voice since I played a purely seme route and it's just... weird to me. But since MC's not really a skin where the players can slip into, I don't pay it much mind. He's still a seke even if you purely play as a top or bottom. And also the chibi part. Personally, I feel it's a weird implementation for the sex scenes. Not hot at all, ahaha. Reminds me of other things. I'll save you the mental image, haha.) Couldn't say it better myself. I wish there's a button to like this comment ^^ (EDIT: Oh ooh, nevermind! Just noticed the upvote/downvote buttons. Haha, new here!)

I like the game, but I do admit that it gets tedious after my first playthrough. It was then that I finally saw through the illusion. It's not a game where you can finish every route before moving on to another game. It's best played with a long interval in between. It's a shame, really. It could have been so much better. I have high hopes for the developer, though. They just shoot too high for their first game, in my opinion. 

Anyways, yeah, great review! I hope the dev reads this, takes it into consideration, and improves. Cheers! ^ w ^)/

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The improved days skip function is such a thoughtful update! Thank you for all the hard work ^^)/

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Yeah, a process image sounds good as well! And right, YouTube isn't exactly okay with mature content. That's a real shame. I've never used Picarto before, so I can't comment much on it. Twitch is pretty good. Thanks for letting me know! I'll be sure to keep an eye on these two platforms for the streams about the game. I'm pretty much in love with the art style, so I'm curious how they're made ^^

EDIT: Followed you on both Picarto and Twitch! They're under Parival, right? Just making sure, since there doesn't seem to be any content on both accounts yet. 

Please, take your time! It won't be good for my conscience if the team suffered in the making of this game, haha. And, everyone agrees that a well-polished game is better than a rushed one. Waiting for a bit longer doesn't hurt ^^

Now, on to answering some questions~

1) Would you like to see more WIPs or just fully-shaded teasers?

Hmm, I feel like fully-shaded CGs and stuff should be a surprise we get to see in the actual product. So yeah, personally, I feel like fully-shaded ones practically counts as spoilers. Could be just me, though. 

2) Will you be purchasing the DLC?

I have the habit of purchasing any side content of media I enjoy, so most likely! It's probably true for most people too, so work extra smart on the main game ^^)b

3) Would you be interested in watching a stream regarding the process to create the game? For example: streaming sketches, talking about the writing process, CGs, devs playing the game, etc. Let me know!

Oh, definitely! That's a great idea! It would be awesome to learn how 1st Degree is made. I'm a budding game developer myself (mainly in the art and writing department), so it'll also help me learn how these things go, haha. 

4) If so, what platform do you prefer?

YouTube! Most people have YouTube, so I think it's the best platform out there for streaming and reaching a wider audience. I found your game through YouTube as well! It was a demo walkthrough. That's saying something, right? 

With all that answered, I wish you all the best with your venture! Be sure to work smart and stay healthy! Cheers! ^v^)/

I'm not surprised. The game has a lot of continuity issues. They're not annoying enough to break game enjoyment, but they do make things feel out of place, haha. I hope you're still enjoying the game despite this issue! I also hope the game dev will resolve it. I believe they're busy with their other projects though, so I doubt it'd be anytime soon. Oh well, let's hope for the best!

Cheers! ^v^)/