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liam allen-miller

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Ahh, thanks so much! Hope you enjoy your device when you get it! If you're taking any feedback, I'd also super dig the option to have button presses trigger their behaviour on press rather than on release, but that's a nitpick! Seriously hooked on the game haha.

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This is so good! I'm absolutely hooked on it! That said, I also have a bug to report! When you're in the high score entry screen and the OS level keyboard comes up, if you press B to erase the last character you entered, it can submit your highscore before you've closed the keyboard. Not sure if this happens 100% of the time as I only misspelled my name once and I'm legitimately struggling to top my current scores. :P

Ahhhhh, amazing! That's so cool to hear! Wishing you guys the best of luck! <3

Nope, you've reached the end! having a more proper ending was definitely something we wanted, but the 48 hour time limit really put the kibosh on that one. :(

Nonetheless, thank you for playing! <3