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I have devoured this game in one evening, it's that good! Managed to get all of Fai's endings of which I loved them all. So far I've gotten Veris' normal ending three times despite my choice selection. XD If it wasn't midnight I'd be forcing myself to figure it out until I got the great ending. Well written, engaging story and beautiful art to go with it! 

10000/10 would recommend to a friend. I can't wait to delve more into this world and it's characters. 

GUI: The GUI is crisp, clean and beautiful. A rollback option would be nice however, at one stage I accidentally clicked the skip button and had no way back and then the demo finished so I was left wondering what on earth happened. Personally, I would prefer a ‘skip seen text’ option or a skip that isn’t quite so rapid, especially if it’s a game I might play through more than once.

MUSIC/VA: The title screen music made me feel like I was about to go on this meaningful adventure and going into starting the game the BG music was soft and matched the lighting of the scene without being overpowering. The music continued to match the mood with the change of Oberon’s mood/magic and other events which is well done.

The voice actors have good voices, in some games I’ve had to turn the voices off because I find the voices irritating or high pitched, but I don’t have that issue with UPOD’s selected VA’s.

I found the music, SFX and VA to all be at the right level, some VN’s one of the individual sounds needs to be adjusted because it overpowers one of the other ones but you’ve done a great job leveling out each sound so they match in with each other.

ART: The title screen art with the subtle animations is perfect and gives a real magical vibe. The Sprites are gorgeous, and I liked the touch of the mini CG type art of Manhin at her desk…I don’t have words for Oberon’s CG, but I’ll be thinking(drooling?) about that one for a while. The office background has beautiful detail and I enjoyed going around and clicking on the few available clicks and seeing the little tidbits of conversation that came with it.

WRITING/STORY: There was a good mix between descriptive and dialogue and I found the writing well done and easy to follow. I especially like during a choice that it shows the last thing said/question being asked. I find sometimes when I'm given a choice my brain panics and I forget the last thing I read.

The tense moments are noticeably...tense? aha. I honestly wasn't expecting the Obscur and with my headphones on and the dramatic music that went with it I nearly jumped a foot in the air.

The tea puzzle stumped me for just a moment because on the card the red currant berries look like olives, but that’s nothing major and I obviously figured it out!

Lore! Lovely, lovely lore. The small touch of lore in the demo is a tease and I can’t wait to discover more of the lore in future updates. 

Enjoyed it! It was such an amazing little extra bit and  I was both thankful and amazed at how it maintained  the innocence of the base game while being 18+ I definitely suggest to anyone considering if it's worth it to check it out. :D Literally my only complaint about it was that it ended.

These assets are amazing and I'll  be watching to see what you put out in future! They  don't fit my current project, but maybe a future one! :)

So exciting! Good luck and I hope the KS is successful!

Fantastic! Beautiful and I love the character creation. I look forward to seeing and reading more of the story and what happens next. The story seems hopeful at the moment, like most space faring stories are, so I'm interested to see what psychological horrors the team have in store for them! 

Hey! Brilliant chapter and I really enjoyed it! A few things I noticed during playthrough: 

In the settings screens the sliders are out of whack, I'm clicking the slider above, to adjust the one below. 


Fae pond place, Raiden will suddenly have a necklace and a highlighted cut. 

In the room later Raiden's sprite is a large white box. 


After seeing Raiden and Lucian, the Ambassador bumps into Maja, who doesn't have a sprite. 

Freezes on CG of Roux at the field. 

Look forward to the next chapter!


It's horrible when things don't work out and stubborness sneaks in! I'm sorry it didn't work out this time, but I'm sure there have been other times when the stubborness helped. I replayed the demo again today and I'm so excited to be able to eventually play the whole game! 

Really enjoyed the game! I've played all routes now and have to say that I don't really have a favourite, because they all brought something to the table which was enjoyable. The one I probably liked the least however was Daniels as it just didn't make a whole lot of sense and I felt bad for literally everyone ese that it screwed over.

I've been silently watching the progress, I'm excited with how far the game has come and looking forward to seeing it in action when it's done! :D Keep up the brilliant work and also looking after yourself so you don't burn out.

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To be honest, I had already backed the kickstarter when it first opened and only played the demo yesterday. It was so good and I am really looking forward to the game. So many choices already that have different impacts and the selections you're able to make to influence how the MC interacts with the world and what they feel for Cove is impressive. I especially like the partial VA with having a selection of pre determined names, a really nice touch! 

Lovely! I have backed on kickstarter and look forward to seeing the game progress. :) 

Loved the update, the new interface looks awesome! I can see where people are coming from in being uncomfortable with with Nasir route but personally I really liked it. From a fictional point of view I don't mind these types of relationships, it just depends on different peoples likes and dislikes! The game has done a good job so far of providing different types for people to enjoy. :) Keep up the good work!

Brilliant! I enjoyed the choices, it's not often a game will have choices that actually make me pause and consider what the best option is to take. The art is of course, beautiful and the story left me curious for more! I really want the boys reaction to being picked to help Rave study. I look forward to the KS!

Played this on iOS, enjoyed it a lot and in my opinion definitely worth the money. :)

Just wondering if this game was still being developed? I really enjoyed the demo.