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Hey! I had got this beast bought the day it launched and man i was satisfied, xform yet again got the hype moving ^_^ , and i would love to have some updates for the upcoming sequel... and some developer updates on the game even if it is a tiny one.. :D, and one more thing, i loved the traffic slam series and its my favourite one after BR series but unfortunately, theres no news about a sequel or remaster for the whole series... i would love to know about a sequel or something, just imaging (Traffic Slam 4) :D or atleast some remasters.. thanks alot Xform Devs.. for the hard work and keep it going, and be awesome as always, We all support you guys, Cya


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Cool i got this beast bought 1 week ago and i can say this brings aloot of memories.... Damn the fullscreen is VCool.

Cant wait for BRubber 6 :D

Thx Xform Luv ya and the BRubber community <33