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Lol I just kept sneeking up on him from behind and it was way funnier than escaping :) GJ.

Bro, you are right. When I saw this jam I had already filled my whole mind with that idea, in fact I wanted to make this game so even when knew nothing about this jam. I had lots of fun making it and I love how you like to comfort developers even if their games are not that good.

Tried it on chrome, plretty good game, just i dont get should i catch the helmet or not :)

Thx man. I will rebuild it and make it better next weekend.


I can't start it. Its just a blank screen. Sorry, I was expecting something better.

I miss the old days. :((((((

My playtesters reported that non of the buttons worked.  :) so I made sure everyone would click game twice

Good and fun game!! GJ. I hope you will support this game after this jam. I already love your work. please make blocks not overlap. keep up hard work. <3

Good game! I got to the state when karate master got out of world and went to infinity :) LOL. good job!!! <3

Can i submit more than 1 games?

I think this has nothing to do with lcd jam :(

how big can the playable area be? can you tell me px by px dimensions? can it be color screen? does it have to be working as old-school game or whatever we want but styled as old-school game?

my story is long as fuck. players will get confused if if i end story early. that can i do?

developer doesnt really reply to comments . he/she doesnt care bout his/her community. thats bad mistake

how many levels is enough. its obvious that we can't make full story thing. i don't know how you work but modeling one character took me over 2 hours. so how short can we keep the game. i want full explanation. i hope that I you won't get angry bc i am new to gamejams and i don't know gamejam fundamentals


good job on graphics btw. i maybe your fan from now

o btw is homo, yuri or this kinda shit allowed?

I have no idea how i made point & click games 3 years ago but i dont have a clue now. so can i make game with 3d characters and thirdperson camera movement, but you are still main character. is that adventure game? please leave reply

this is best game i have ever played, fu*k awesome! that was truly perfect but it has no levels, please add them.

the magalanium you got it right!!! you are so sensible. thats no joke, noone understands meaning of that story , even me. and you made it!!

the magalanium story of love! kind robot defeates evil and he gets married and his wife is dog...... robot called "dog" . and they kill all animal and they rule world and people are their slaves and so on. story is written by famous German writer Lova Skidiski, he gave this to his wife and wife after reading it was found dead. and all men lova showed end of story were found dead. one day robot destroyed. in centre of heart there was man, very familliar man, and i think it was..... i can't say anymore, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Sos help Llloooovvvvvv..... (RIP developer)

the magalanium noooooo! wrong, you are doing wrong (Gordon Ramsey's fucking words) when you run it you must imediatelly close game window, open window and jump ("kill yourself" / thats joke....). so you are suppose to fall in black bc in this game you are robot, and robots love space, ha... they really love space. so robot wants to fall in black, its part of story. Story is written with knowledge, love and logic so, if you want your character to be in air you can and if you dont, just dont touch game. and moving panel is lie, its not working bc its conjured (by villain: "sytoperporolus" ) . that makes sense? its crappyiest!!!

can we report hoster or somethin bc its so confusing to make game, spend time and ...... nothing. Not even notification that you loose , or your submision inn't goood. they jost ignored 11 developers or deveper groups!

i dont mean you, all community comment notifies to jam hoster

why you say "another" ? I havent made a jam and i havent fucked up like this! But if i made I would not disable fricking rating ( bc : who the hell knows tho won, if you rate games yourself?!). and if his jam had a winner game , I wouldn't be sure that game was chosen correctly( I mean quality, sound effects, graphical things and other criterias). That wasn't crappy game jam, it was crappy jam of crappy games!

if you dont know how to organise jam you mustnot fucking host it .

fuck that thing

wheres rating,

fuck you

fuck you

and who won

quohelet what are you doing! who won?

what are you doing

Crappy games Jam! community · Created a new topic Who won?

who won?

you changed date two times, wtf!!!!!!!



Crappy games Jam! community · Created a new topic who won?

who won in this jam?