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I'm glad to hear it we are working on some updates so stay tuned xD

Thank you 😅

Thank you this is so kind and we are glad that you liked it

haha you made my day xD

Thank you for this kind words and I really liked the video 👌

Yeah in the first level you shouldn't be able to attack because we didn't want to explain to much at once

Yes we didn't had the time to fix this the second Text should be press t to return to the menu 

Thank you I'm glad you liked it


Thank you very much we wanted Art that stands out and I guess Diego did a great job with it

well that was strange i sat in front of this blue hello and didn´t know what to do and  i wanted to quit but than i read this comment and i thought there must be more and it was. It´s a very beatiful idea of covering this theme of the jam can´t say more than well done

thank you really appreaciate this

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oh yes i remembered i played it and it was so funny jst asked my self how you came to this idea but it was very funny and thanks for your kind words

thank you very much for this feedback  and yeah we are working on different enemieis

Thank you I played your game already just forgot to comment😅

Thanks for those suggestions and the feedback we are planning to publish the game for android and I think we'll implement your suggestions because they are very good and could make the feel of the game better thnak you very much 

Really? That's great to hear thank you

You can speed up by holding down space is mentioned in the tutorial but maybe not long enough we will fix this after the jam thank you

Thanks means a lot to us thank you 

Thank you for those kind words man hope you could unlock the secret endscreen

like the simple but also great and cool mechanics had defenetly fun playing the game

great to see what awesome graphics you could create in that short period of time well done

it was actually fun to play and for a beginner a great archievement ope you´ll keep on gamedev

Great job and nice idea you came up with !!

I hade so much fun playing this game absolutley insane for this amount of time

Great game with the artstyle and the idea like this.

Such a nice game feel pretty good work man

We implemented this and in my case it worked didn't it work in your case?

We implemented that when the player starts the game the second time it shouldn't show the intro and in my case it worked doesn't it work for you? 

Thanks man hope you had fun playing it 

Such a funny game the idea is hilarious but one thing what happend to me i glitched through the wall so maybe if you want to polish the game after the jam this is on point you could work on but over all it´s very nice

another nice game the idea is very nice and good implemented and made a lot fun to play. Not at least because of the great puzzles

Loved the sound and the look of the game and it´s a great game idea. So you can be proud of what you created in the last days

Amazing what you did in just 72 hours love the game feel and liked playing it a lot

Great game man and all of this in just 72 hours very good job and made very much fun to play

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haha i guess i´m to bad for this game but the art and the sound is so great very good jobi´ll try to finish it to see the end the others are talking about xD

Thank you for those kind words means a lot to us

Hey man that´s actually fun to play like the idea a lot and maybe you can polish the game after the jam ends it has potential

Yes i know the time problem as well but maybe you can impreove the game after the jam 

it needs a bit of polishing maybe also rotation to fit some given shapes or stuff like this but over all it has some potential

Awesome game idea of course it needs a bit of polishing but for 72 hours a good game so far i would recommend you  to improve it after the jam