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I'm glad you liked it! Battle backgrounds and the whole end are things that suffered from the jam deadline that I want to (and hopefully will) fix when I have more time, along with adding unique music for a couple places where I had to reuse tracks.

Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!

Thank you!! That Green Zone bug got a lot of people unfortunately, but I just patched it yesterday along with some other fixes (Green's hit rates up, encounter rates down because there sure were a LOT huh, and I rewrote the dialogue for the ending because it was a mess I wrote 30 minutes before the deadline.)

hi im just one person. apparently this is important for the ratings and i should put it in a comment

very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

special hot tip kill the slimes quickly when you get to that boss (you'll know) or the next attack will FUCK YOU UP thank me later nerds

I love this little world

this is really fun!!

I really like this but I feel like the message would be much more potent if the description didn't say there are no monsters

this is stupid in a beautiful way


wow this is most fun game I've seen from the jam so far!! it feels so good with a controller

this is a really cool idea but the randomness makes it so frustrating

some of this is really great, even if other parts are incomprehensible. still really fun!

extremely good birbs!!!!!!!!

Wow this is a fun idea!