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Really cool looking game, was a little confused on how to control the ship but figured it out via the games page, i hope you get to that 20 ratings! Every game should get to 20+ ratings :)

Really cool idea, the camera was a little too tighjt how others have stated but overall solid art, and audio, good job!

Ima fan of the main menu UI with the nice touch of a detailed options menu and button sfx feedback, good job on this. The animations for the character felt very rigid, having the player just jolt back to a stand still animation from a walk animation in a single frame felt very jarring.

 The graphics are very  nicely done but the camera angle when you first start is a little strange because you can't see where your going, the camera angle on the side view areas is very nice though.

Although there is a bit of a learning curve to this game it is fun when you get the hang of it! Good game :)

This is a cool game, I liked this quite a lot. The UI could do with a bit of work because it looks a bit blocky looking and kinda stale but this is a bit of a nitpick, another small nitpick is that it took me a while to understand how to play and also you could see outside the world with the camera sometimes by moving the cat towards a wall and moving the camera to make the wall invisible.

This is a cool game overall with a cool take on the theme and fun to play around in. Good job!

Really fun bullet hell game with a few drawbacks including the stages felt very similar to eachother and felt like it lasted way to long, you don't exactly know when your being hit and quite a bit of the game just felt like holding left click and moving around. There's plenty of upsides to this including the UI feedback is very well done and the art and audio are great and compliment eachother very well! Good job on this! :D

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Really unique entry although it is quite a challenging experience it is still fun :)

The tutorial is great, quick and snappy and gets the player up to speed quick but having it as an optional button when the game opens up for the first time leads to the player 9/10 times most likely skipping it, having the tutorial merged with the play button and having it appear when the game is first loaded up and when the play presses the 'Play' button and after that not showing would be a nice and welcome change!

Overall good game, great job on this :)

Wow you've improved a lot since your last jam! This game is great! I don't really think this fits the theme too well and the game is a little rough around the edges, the shooting could be a bit more responsive and some background music wouldn't go a miss but you've done a great job overall!

The graphics in this are really well done, the music compliments it well and you have a leaderboard too!? Very well made game, good job!

Very good game, ended up completing it. Quite a short game but fun none the less, good work!

Great job on this, the shooter cooldown felt a little slow but the game is still fun! The audio and graphics tie the game together very well too, nicely done!

Nice game :) The artwork is really nice, the tutorial is really well done. Good job! :D

The text was quite tricky to read in the main menu and the how to play is quite lengthy, having it in the game and shown to the player in readable chunks on start is a good way to have the player know what they doing without having it so hard to read and lengthy. 

The enemies spawning outta nowhere was tricky to deal with and got me killed quite quick a lot of the time. The In game UI is great though and a cool idea. Good work overall :) 

Really nice concept for a game, i found pretty quick i could just spam 'L' to do infinite damage and not take any damage, the music though is really cool! I was confused by using L to do damage, i didnt properly read the controls and just thought it would be left click so i was a little thrown by that but it's nothing major obviously :)

 it would be nice if there was more to explore and different enemies around, great first game overall though, good job finishing it! :)

Nice game with a very unique take on the theme, atmosphere is great. Good job!

This is so hard! Really fun and a creative idea but very tricky XD Good job overall!

This is really well made and very fun but also quite challenging, good job!

This is a tough game to play and control

Really cool game, some very small bugs and was confused at how to play at the start but a very cool game none the less :D

Good game, little confused as to what I had to do but i was fun :)

Really nice game, good job! :)

Really cool concept with a solid execution, good job!

This is a really cool idea for a game, it was a little confusing as to what I had to do because it was tricky to read the messages on the floor before they disappeared, the artstyle of the game is really cool  and compliments the audio really nicely, good job!

Very cool idea, gives me nostalgia of the type of games you'd play in highschool on the computers when the teacher would allow you too . The game is very nicely made although i do feel having the fuel decrease slower when you dont press the up button and faster when you do would be a good idea and having the rocket feel more like a rocket and not so light would be a nice touch, the altitude also i think should be attached to the rockets actual height and not just a number going up because I went down a few times and the altitude still went up. 

This game overall is a very cool, the idea was very fun and very original, the artstyle was consistent and suited the overall aesthetic of the game matched with the background music very well and a solid UI to top it off. Good work!

Idea is certainly there, the game does need a bit more polish and having p to jump felt a bit strange as it is the pause button for some games instead of escape. Good work overall though :) 

The idea is there for your game, the art style felt quite inconsistent and the shooting mechanic felt strange because you couldn't aim it with the mouse. It is a good game it just needs a bit more polish in the art and level design areas as it felt like your floating on a platform and maybe some background music. Maybe having it so the ground goes down more as in you cant see it when the ground tile stops under the camera could add to the idea of you being on the ground. This is a good entry, just needs a bit more polish :) Good work!

The camera effects were a little extreme in my opinion with the blurry outskirts of the camera, the sfx is nice but i would recommend adding more checkpoints as others have said, good game overall!

Really clever game, very well made in the time you had, the audio compliments the art style and feel of the game perfectly, great take on the theme :)

Reallyyyyyyyyyy fun game, sound effects are great, the collision on the bullets feels a little off that they are sometimes not registering the bullets hitting the player, fun game though, good work!!

Very nice artstyle, feel the camera shake is a little too much and i feel with some background music would help compliment the artstyle, great game overall!

Really funny game XD Few glitches where i couldnt get through the wooden white highlighted gates when i pressed space or with my range attack. Really fun idea

This was a really cute game, well done :)

Cool game, do wish there was background music and a how to play screen explaining everything in a main menu instead of jolting me into the game, a pause menu would of been appreciated too with some settings, just some quality of life stuff for the player, good game overall the idea is there and it's a good idea :)

Very confusing game, i didn't understand what I was meant to be doing and the camera's sensitivity is very high , a tutorial where you were playing the game would of helped to understand what was happening and maybe some background audio instead of just sound effects would of been nice, good job overall though :)

Tricky game but fun game, lots of variety but not much use for the sword, if the sword was a saving grace type of weapon that didnt take stamina or didnt did some knockback it would of been nice, good game overall though :)

really cool game, audio would of been a nice touch but the aesthetic makes up for it! good work!

This is a really cool game, the cutscene is a very nice touch

It's always great seeing a game developers first game, this was really cool too see, this is a great first start, here's too many more to come! 

This is really impressive, only downsides i see is not being able to rotate your ship wherever you want to rotate it too and not having an online highscore leaderboard so i can gloat XD Really well done :)

This is a really cool and addictive game! I was a little confused at the start but after I understood what i'm doing it was really fun, good work!

The art and audio in this is extremely well done, not quite good on the theme front due to it not being very chaotic but it is a very good game none the less, the atmosphere is amazing, it is more spooky then chaotic, great game!!