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Lexi the Fae

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Wow!!! Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate it! I'm also glad that you were able to play this together in a group, that sounds like a tremendously rewarding experience, and if I ever revisit the game for a new edition, then advice for playing with IRL confidantes would be a great idea, thank you so much!!! 

Ehehee, thank you! That one was actually my partner's suggestion, so I'll be sure to pass along the complement! :D 

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the thoughtful reply! I'm really glad that the game struck a chord with you, and thank you so much for the additional support while we're fundraising! 

I'm not able to see the image, even opening it in a new tab. If you're willing, I'd love it if you emailed it to me at alexa(dot)fae(dot)mcdaniel@gmail(dot)com!

I'm pretty sure that this game took my lunch money. 10/10, would subject myself to a threat again.