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Thank you a lot! Do you mean you found it flying/hovering somewhere? Could you tell us where you found the potion so we can fix it? :)

Don't give away my secret spot just now! :P But maybe you can find Marigs as well! ;D

Hello there!

Thank you that you took your time to make a LetsPlay of our game and to give us much valuable feedback! (Seriously, LetsPlays are some of the best feedback sources because you can actually see first hand which kind of difficulties players are encoutnering when they first play it) 
I think one "trick" many people overlook is building bridges and stairs quite early in the game, or at least throwing and moving a lot of stuff off the shelves, so you have lots of things to climb on when you get short. We're glad you liked it :)

Hey, thank you a lot for your Lets Play and for sharing your thoughts and experiences! We didnt really want to make a sexual game but rather a game with solid mechanics and gameplay which can be enjoyed by everyone just as a game if they want to!

Talking about the difficulty - there is an update we will get out soon which will bring lots of improvements and new things, including difficulty settings as well! :)

We're glad you liked the game - And don't worry: you're not dumb, it just takes a few tries to develop a plan of which steps to do and to get through them as quickly as possible! :) Thank you for covering it!

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Thank you so much for covering our game - we are happy that you liked it and we could get a lot of feedback for what to improve from it! Also, you were sooo close to finish it! :) The next build will also inlcude custom difficulty settings.

Thank you a lot :) We are really happy that we can deliver an experience you guys enjoy and we will continue working on it!

Hey, thank you a lot for the feedback - we are so glad to hear that you had fun playing it :) Multiple levels could definitely be an option but for now we are thinking about difficulty settings, which includes the amount of ingredients and formulas you need to find and the speed of shrinking.

Its so awesome to watch someone else play our game that we created!