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Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your respond, and I will!

What is the license on these sounds?

This sounds great!

Just for clarification, does the license include using your sound track for commercial use?

Beautiful game!

Amazing, I absolutely love your colour system!

Thank you so much of the reply!

Can this make executables, or only stuff that runs on emulators?

At first i was disapointed that i couldn't turn the car around and go where i really wanted, and then learning that my car was totally indestructible made me feel safe, but not as ease. that all went away when i noticed that my car had a lovely rearview mirror.

Lovely game, i love the ambience!

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This game was really fun, I'm glad it had a skull ranking system, which made replaying the levels worth it and having to think differently. and the 3bit art is quite nice!

I really appreciate this! Thank you!

Really great concept!

Great Puzzle game! only critcism i can give is that it would be nice to have visual feedback that a button was pressed.

Nice! really good art assets!

Thanks! Minit is such a good game tho so that's a great compliment ( :

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Great game! It's fun, unique, art is good and so is the music and it just plays so smoothly!!

Fun game, some levels are quite challenging!

Fun game! The music is great!

What a beautiful game!

Thank you very much! I'mma definitely try!

Thank you!

Thank you! those enable you to get gems by opening the waterfall, blue lock, and house door respectively.

Thank you! i meant for them to trap you, but sadly i couldn't implement a way to get out of being trapped on time.

Thank you, and yeah!

Cute game!

Thank you so much <3 i do plan on continuing this game!

Thank you! <3

Fun game! No idea how to beat the last level though ^_^

I really loved this game! I'd love to play a full length version of it ( :

Thank you! And yeah, i didn't have enough to take care of that issue ) :

Thank you so much <3

Thank you! and that isn't something i had considered, i'll make sure to make that clearer when i improve on the game.

Thank you so much! I did mean for this game to be a lil puzzly and having to figure out what things did, how to avoid getting body blocked, and getting all gems at once. i made this for a game jam, but i plan on updating it and making it better

Good game, i love how you set up the narrative and the colour scheme is great!