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The last (18th) level in Branches (chapter 5) seems to have a bug where one of the switch nodes will only 'go around' once and then get stuck in one position, making one of the connected nodes inaccessible. I managed to pass the level regardless by planning for a single 'go around' (so no rush!) but just wanted to let you know. I'm guessing it has something to do with how the switch will skip over 'finished' nodes, maybe it's mistakenly thinking an 'unfinished' node is finished? I don't have a mid-game screenshot, but i circled the node that breaks. I'm on Linux btw

Had an issue on the first level, trying to put the 4 barrels on the plates but one barrel ended up only half-placed on the plate so the plate doesn't go down, but I can't figure out a way to move it from there. When I try aiming a duckling at it the aim just binds to the plate

stephennnn your writing hits so hard. i know nothing abt lancer but the vibes and love between these characters comes across loud and clear. this is like interactive poetry, i love how the lil bitsy world frames the conversation


Is there any way to disable it immediately showing your mistakes? I found the setting to disable penalty count, but is there a setting that would essentially just 'let' you make mistakes?

I like a lot of what this game offers, in terms of the unique battle system and the non-linear progression. As I got closer to the end though I got more and more stuck, and found myself doing a lot of backtracking through old areas, 'brb-ing' out of a bunch of encounters along the way. The red slime especially confused me, since you don't actually use the Mint Pudding on the red slime but on the player character, which I was hesitant to do because wasting it meant another long backtrack to refill the cup...I also assumed that choosing not to go back to the real world after dying was just a way to end/quit the game, so I didn't figure out the character-change thing at all. I do want to go back and see what I missed, I think I'll enjoy it now knowing more about it. I also somehow completely missed whoever Smith was

The app is wonky for a lot of other games too, including RPGmaker ones. Definitely not an issue specific to this game. The browser error IS weird though, sorry for crying wolf I guess! i really did ADORE this game <3

I just checked and I'm...also not able to reproduce it? Even though I had a save directly before triggering the conversation. There aren't any choices there, she just gives you a gingerbread cookie, and I guess the error came up whenever it tried to load the image of Nika crying. No clue why it started working today :P

And I meant, installing and launching it from the desktop app made it run very slow for me. I think rpgmaker games are generally wonky on the app though. If I just download the .zip file in my browser and extract it myself, it runs just fine!

Very very neat game! I got stuck partway through playing on browser, during the gingerbread cookie conversation a 'failed to load cry.png' error started popping up, and prevented me from doing through doors or opening the menu. At first I thought it was intended, starting to think it might not be lol. Also tried on the desktop app but it was suuper slow. Its so cool though I'm gonna try downloading the .zip and playing it from there

Hearty and sorrowful, awesome writing as usual Stephen!

What's the song that plays during the chase sequence?

lol yeah i just went thru again and this time i got the item..maybe a glitch? but wow this game is just so clever, the art and the music and the style of puzzles syncs so nicely, it feels like a very unique kind of point and click

super cool game! i really enjoyed the weird abstract puzzles. kinda got stuck though, in the butt room i clicked something too fast and got taken out before i could really see what was spinning around, and couldn't go back in, and then couldn't get the elevator button to work even though the wire in the other room had the bzzt! ?

Neat concept, made me laugh! Kinda wish there was an option to skip cutscenes I've seen before though

Hi tysm! I was actually playing it when the update came out and got to 1 of the endings on normal mode. Did not disappoint, I thought the lockpicking mechanic was v fun, and the overall combat felt satisfying and well-balanced. Looking forward to playing more to try to find more endings!

Quick aside, the way the long grass (wheat?) fields look while moving diagonally makes a nasty sort of flashing effect on my screen, but that might be my screen. or my eyes

Really love the style and atmosphere of this game, unfortunately could not get very far. I understand your rationale behind not implementing a save feature, still wish I could've seen more of it.

Fantastic writing!! so many emotions in such a short game

I was enjoying the concept and the different puzzles, but the combat just ground my progress to a halt. i started going back to save after every encounter but after floor 7 or so i gave up. 

Launched the game for the 3rd time and found no 'continue save' option on the main menu. My save files are still in the game directory with the index file, but the game doesn't seem to recognize them

I got this game in the bundle last year but ended up buying it too bc it is absolutely worth the money. This game is incredible, I had no idea how badly i wanted to play a more puzzling pacman until now. The vague underlying horror really hits my sweet spot, esp Greg's delightful mouth sounds. I could only find 27 levels though..

Absolutely loved this game! The game itself said I completed it but I'm not that trusting. There's still a security camera in the 1st bathroom I couldn't get to, and the closet in the 2nd is still inaccessible. I also have an extra folding stool and razor but nothing to use them on

ASJKHJAS ok ty for clarifying ;-;

this is nice, i would gladly chat for this witch as long as it took for my bones to gelatenize

would love to see a full version of this. i spent too long hitting every key on my keyboard trying to figure out how to open my inventory, but tbf i was playing on lowest quality